Integrate YouTube and Office 365

YouTube has become a ubiquitous presence on the internet. From its humble beginnings as an independent startup in 2005, it has grown under the direction of Google to host new music, movies, independently created videos, shows, performances and even commercials that some of the more dedicated fans have uploaded. However, it’s not all about entertainment. YouTube contributed to the 2008 Presidential Election Debates, with viewers participating by using the program to upload their questions.

While there are many successful sites online, YouTube is nearly the pinnacle in terms of overall use. To put its size and scope into perspective,

YouTube is not just a platform for sharing videos, but it’s also one of the most popular search engines on the web—second only to Google. And YouTube is the third most popular website in the world, with over a billion unique visitors each month” (“Complete Guide”). 

While traditional media outlets fail to reach the audiences they could in their former days, YouTube interests a wide range of both age groups and businesses.

Integrate YouTube and office 365


YouTube is still on the rise, and may actually surpass its parent company’s search engine in popularity over the coming years. It follows that companies would want to have the freedom to embed YouTube videos in their digital workplace for strategic inspiration, information and an overall improved SharePoint and Office 365 user experience.

Vimeo is another file hosting service, and while it doesn’t come near YouTube in total website traffic or range of videos available, it has an advantage which makes some prefer it over YouTube—particularly for business purposes.

“Vimeo doesn’t run advertisements on any of the videos that you upload. . . There is a much better chance of a user watching your entire video if they don’t have to watch ads or deal with banners popping up during the process” (King).

Whether it’s Vimeo or YouTube, or both, embedding a video onto your internal site offers the page a fresh experience that encompasses motion, sound, depth and a new way to engage your users:

To integrate YouTube and Vimeo on your Office 365 or SharePoint site using LiveTiles Design software, start by clicking on “Design View.” On the design canvas, there are a variety of apps listed at the top of the page. If you’d like to make room and need to delete a tile, it’s the last option under “Configure Tile.” The video tile sits under the media tab, but you can also find it by typing “video” in the search bar if you prefer. Drag the video tile onto the grid and position it.

You’ll probably want to adjust the size of the tile to fit the rest of your layout. Then go into the “Configure Tile” settings and change the color, size and text as needed. Also under the “Configure Tile” settings, there is an embed option. Copy the URL from YouTube’s embed section, and paste it into “Video Path.” For Vimeo, click on “Share” and copy the URL, repeating the process of pasting it into the video path. The video is now ready to display!

Videos can be integrated from YouTube and Vimeo instantly, with zero coding experience, and can be displayed in different sizes or on different backgrounds on your digital workplace. With this feature, the options to inspire or education users are positively endless.

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