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Enterprise Intranet Solution

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Our award-winning enterprise large scale intranet is jam-packed with an extensive set of highly configurable features geared to boost digital productivity and deliver highly sophisticated enterprise communication and collaboration.

Captain the Enterprise

An extensive set of tools makes taking care of a large scale intranet easy. 

  • News and publishing
  • Content governance
  • Targeted communications
  • Multilingual options
  • Extensive navigation options
  • Intranet accessibility
  • Workplace compliance
  • Branded experience
  • Employee engagement
  • Governed collaboration
  • Multi screen options
Livetiles Enterprise intranet to help employee engagement
Intranet Administration

Intranet Administration

Powerful tools for configuration
and administration of your intranet

Intranet Content Governance

Intranet Content Governance

The Policies and Procedures module givesusers access to required documentation

Intranet Intelligent Business

Business Intelligence Tools

Complete work faster with the integration of third party  applications

Compliance and Governance​

Intranet Compliance and Governance

Make compliance easy for employees by providing in-built governance

Intranet target content

Intranet Content Targeting

Give employees a personalised experience
and only show them relevant information

Intranet Collaboration and Governance

Intranet Collaboration and Governance

Workspaces provisioning enabling governance in SharePoint and MS Teams

Multilingual Intranet

Multilingual Intranet

Provide language options in your intranet to make sure all of your users are included

Intranet Content Manager Tools

Intranet Content Manager Tools

Publish relevant news on your intranet and keep employees informed at all times

SharePoint Intranet News screenshots with LiveTiles

Power up with the LiveTiles Intranet news engine

From Twitter, Instagram, and RSS feeds to peer-to-peer messages, and global and local company news, the news engine is where all news and information is created and distributed in a personalized news aggregation point.  

The news hub can be surfaced on any SharePoint page or from the LiveTiles Everywhere panel where news can be delivered in whatever app people are working in.  

Use the intuitive news editor for peer-to-peer communication and use the integration features to create a handy newsfeed from all relevant sources. 

LiveTiles continues to build a global presence and rich set of digital employee experience tools via its services know-how… The vendor has a clear focus on serving large global enterprises...”

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Your large scale intranet solution for corporate communications


Mega menu to enable employees to find information on your large scale intranet

The mega menu feature offers a customizable global navigation for your intranet that can span across multiple hubs and site collections and bind together Classic and Modern SharePoint sites.

Create a menu with rich media content

like images, GIFs, and video using the mega menu’s HTML editor with text formatting tools.

Use the built-in language engine

to support navigation on a multilingual intranet.

Create menus customized to different audiences

with the mega menu’s target audience management.

Multi-site configuration

Build a mega menu than spans across content on an entire tenant or build different mega menus for different parts of your intranet.

Bridge the worlds of modern and classic SharePoint sites

Build a mega menu that spans across classic and modern large scale intranet sites.

Intranet governance and collaborative workspaces

Enable users to intuitively provision workspaces at the same time as you meet the business’ need for governance. The workspaces module enables seamless provisioning and governance of workspaces within SharePoint and Teams.

Streamline creation and governance of collaboration spaces and bridge the workspace experience across SharePoint and Teams

From project rooms, extranets, communities of practice, ideation sites, subject matter spaces, department sites, committee rooms – including advanced features for governance and provisioning – the workspace feature is designed to support all types of enterprise collaboration

Design workspaces for every business purpose

Workspace templates are designed and governed by the admin and can include unique news channels, metadata, project roles, and permission settings


Targeted content

Make sure people only see what they need to, and help them navigate through your information highway by giving them targeted content.

Communicate across your org

The LiveTiles Intranet news engine enables you to communicate important information to the people who need to see it.

Intranet governance

Make sure only specific people are able to make changes and employees remain compliant.


Peer-to-peer communication

LiveTiles News Engine for peer-to-peer messaging

Give both editors and end users an intuitive experience that makes writing, commenting, and reading news available to everyone in your organization.

Reduce communication noise

By reducing the amount of emails being sent, you enable employees to focus on sharing relevant information.

Encourage employee interactions

The LiveTiles’ peer-to-peer messaging news engine enables editors and employees to comment, write, and read content on your large scale intranet solution.

Channel selection

Enabling easy to use channel selection is a great way to distribute information with a simple click, select, and push function.

Guided news creation

The LiveTiles Enterprise Intranet provides a guided news creation experience, including the use of images and videos.


Built-in content governance and compliance for your intranet

Ensure your people are compliant

Employees are automatically notified of policies. A built-in page control prompts employees to actively confirm they have read required content

Delegated content contact and owner

Policy pages include fields to define page contact as well as primary and secondary owners. When a policy page has been edited, the page will be published in a new version. All versions of a policy page are stored.

Compliance reporting

The included compliance report lets intranet admins track whether critical information and new versions of policy pages are read by all employees. The report provides detailed information and enables you to gently nudge employees who need a reminder to catch up on their reading. Perfect for large scale intranet projects.

LiveTiles Intranet content targeting screenshot

Large scale intranet content targeting

When you have hundreds of people using your intranet, some of whom are located in various locations across the globe, providing the ability to target content is essential.

With LiveTiles Enterprise, your large scale intranet solution, you can create personalized experiences and save users time finding information by delivering ultra-targeted content.

Content targeting and multilingual capabilities

With our built-in content targeting, communications and content can be targeted and displayed differently to specific users and groups based on their language, role, department, location, or other criteria.

Target content to specific audiences

With the LiveTiles’ Audiences module we’ve put the control over creating groups for content targeting in the hands of the intranet administrator. The module enables you to create your own groups to target news, content in the mega menu, quick links etc., to any audience you can imagine.


Active Directory groups

Use AD Groups as well as groups created with the LiveTiles’ Audiences module to direct content to audiences that meet your specific criteria. 

Create static as well as dynamic audiences

Retrieve members of the audience by using search queries or manually select members of the audience. 

Supported by all navigation and communication modules

All LiveTiles’ modules for communication and navigation allow for targeting, so you can target content and navigation towards your specific groups, ensuring every part of your intranet is hyper- relevant for the user it’s displayed to.
Active Directory Group screenshots
Intranet in a Box from LiveTiles Hub Screenshot

Looking for an intranet in a box solution?

 Intranet Hub could be what you’re looking for 

LiveTiles Intranet Hub is an intranet in a box solution that gets you up and running quickly with an aggregating center for your digital workplace.

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