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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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Intranet Content Search and Navigation

Help findability with enterprise level intranet content search and navigation options

Enable staff to intuitively navigate the intranet and find what they are looking for using our advanced search experience and easily configurable header, mega menu, footer, and breadcrumb.

Intranet Header & Mega Menu

Provide clear overview of intranet content with global header and mega menu.

The header with accompanying fly-out mega menu provides people with a great overview to navigate intranet content and administrators with an intuitive tool to control navigation.

Four-level mega menu

Employ the global header with fly-out mega menu and access to search to provide people with direct and organized access to content. 

WYSIWYG editor for administrators

An edit icon is available for administrators, enabling direct editing of the menu content. Items can be added, removed, renamed, rearranged, dragged and dropped, and more. All done directly in the context of the view.

Multilingual navigation

Ensure navigation is available in users’ preferred language. As an admin, you can add translations in the context of the menu. Untranslated items are marked to editors with an asterisk, ensuring menu items aren’t missed in the translation process. 

Mobile friendly navigation

On smart phones the navigation contains the same items as the desktop version presented in a mobile friendly menu.
Intranet content search and navigation screen examples

Intranet Footer & Breadcrumb

Ensure people always have a clear path through the woods of intranet pages

Logical bread-crumb navigation

Insert the breadcrumb navigation on any SharePoint page to let people instantly understand where they are in the content hierarchy. The breadcrumb is independent of actual page hierarchies and can be configured to match the navigational structure you prefer.  

Highly configurable footer

The LiveTiles Intranet Hub footer provides you with a space to place content across all pages. Use the footer to show important documents, favorites, followed sites, conversations, latest news etc. The footer is highly configurable and based on SPFx web parts which enables you to add most content and functionality. Users can minimize and expand the menu with one click, freeing space from the intranet when the footer is not employed.

In the course of the new intranet, the contents were therefore updated and reduced to the essential, and the structuring of the contents was simplified. A clear assignment of site managers and a content review process ensure that the content remains up-to-date in the future. The user is supported by a powerful search function to find people, files and information quickly and easily.

Intranet People & Content Search

Search to find content from across your digital workplace

Create direct access to content across your digital workplace from the intranet’s search box.

LiveTiles Intranet Hub includes a powerful search experience that includes content from multiple sources and enables people to easily filter down to find what they are looking for.

Filtered intranet content search and dashboards

Configurable filters enable users to narrow down the search result by author, metadata, and full text. Use various connectors to aggregate results from multiple sources (Search, Microsoft Graph, Web Services, RSS, Custom etc.)

Choose from multiple display templates to visualize results and create dashboards to provide employees with a clear overview of content.

People search

Use the central search to find people based on Office 365 profiles. LiveTiles Intranet Hub includes a configurable search results to display contact information in interactive cards from where users can start a chat, send an email, start a Teams call, or a phone call. You are offered extensive filtering to find coworkers by department, location, skills, and other profile properties.
People search screen shot

People Search

Find people easily and within a short time frame. Show content he person has created recently.

Intranet Navigation

Utilise the Mega menu to enable people to find content easily and with personalization.

Footer and Breadcrumbs

Help your users know where they are and to navigate with breadcrumbs and extensive Footer navigation.

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