Is It Time to Go Digital?

Published by: Ameir Abouelela

Since the emergence of Information Technology (IT), businesses have begun to operate differently in the ways they store, retrieve and manipulate data within enterprises.

In it’s rudimentary form, IT created solutions for organizations’ internal teams. Over time, it has continued to provide even more streamlining to the workplace, by compelling businesses to go digital.

Industry experts have a firm grasp on the importance of digital practices. Having worked directly with IT infrastructure solutions and server visualization, specialist Paulo Sant’anna provides some insight into digital transformation.                                        




 Expert: Paulo Sant’anna
 Site: Invent IT 



“In today’s times, there is no professional activity that does not depend on technology to operate. What we see is an increasing dependence of the workforce with regard to technology. Often what is missing is the correct guidance and advice before tapping  the countless existing technological resources. The challenge is to match the business need with the right resource.”

He raises a valid point; more often than not, businesses usually are incorporating some sort of technology into their workplace practices. He shares some important components of sustainable and profitable IT implementation.

Sant’anna affirms that adequate software and proper orientation by a technology consultant are essential in order to maintain quality equipment and optimal connectivity. Although he stresses the importance of proper guidance, with the right software, you shouldn’t need much. Programs like SharePoint equip users with an easy-to-use software to manage daily tasks and help them stay connected.

connected workplaceSource:

“There has never been such a wide range of technological solutions that help [with] day to day use.”

So what does this paradigm imply? Not only that technological advances have reshaped the workforce, but if your business has not switched to a digital workplace environment, you certainly should. It’s risky for businesses not to be using some form of IT because digital practices both influence and enhance the way employees operate.

And for those wary of documents being leaked, you need not worry! Sant’anna recommends that with special attention to data protection and privacy, you can secure your sensitive files. With few but effective guidelines, people can avoid unpleasant situations. Beyond global security, programs like SharePoint also provide secure file sharing amongst colleagues.

The time to go digital is definitely now. With so many solutions available, shouldn’t your business reap the benefits of IT?

We’d like to thank Paulo Sant’anna for his contribution to the article.

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About Paulo Sant’anna:
Paulo Sant’anna(@paulo_santanna) is a Brazilian IT Professional with 17 years of experience, with expertise working in large corporations, and a focus on infrastructure, support, consulting, information security, governance and training. He was named MVP Windows and Devices for IT by Microsoft.

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