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Keeping Your Office Up-to-Date with an Integrated News Feed

Source: Social Media Today

One of the most important ways to keep everyone in your digital workplace on the same page is to ensure that they all are informed about the latest company updates. From new software implementation to deals with other businesses, there are a lot of current events in any workplace. Whether it’s communicating issues or celebrating successes, keeping everyone informed can have a strong impact on how your company operates. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of the benefits a company news feed can have.

A dynamic newsfeed allows users to filter information by relevancy. Administrators responsible for updating the news can choose for some stories to only be sent to certain users’ newsfeeds. While this is of course intentionally exclusionary, it’s an easy way to avoid clutter and ensure that employees from all the vastly different areas of your company are kept up to date with the latest company news. To best deliver this information, you should start thinking like a news channel—writing updates that are relevant, to the point, and written in language that best communicates the information you want to get across.

The Digital Workplace Group points out the disconnect between typical intranet newsfeeds and professional news sites. They have different ways of conveying new information, since they’re developed with very different audiences in mind. Because the former is designed to give news to a small group of coworkers, it can be short, straightforward and delivered to an audience that you know already has at least some understanding of the issues discussed. Professional news sites are instead intended for hundreds of thousands of readers all across the globe. Because of this, they assumedly speak to an audience with no prior understanding of the topic at hand. Following this logic, many designers often think intranet feeds for employees can be less visually engaging because their audience is already part of the company. But even employees need to stay focused within updates and while superfluous details may be deleted, it still helps to keep core principles of design intact on intranet systems. Without associated images or videos, the news blends together for users and can lack the level of immediate importance.

Comments sections are another ubiquitous aspect of news sites, allowing anyone to easily give their opinion on what’s going on. Likewise, putting a comments section below every news post provides a way for the company to easily come together and discuss these updates, regardless of their geographic location. This keeps members of the digital workplace even more engaged as a group and allows administrators to easily get feedback on what their employees think of the latest announcements.

Hubs like Communifire show that a mainstream news site approach to intranet feeds is entirely possible with enough dedication and creativity. Its header image shows the most important news to the whole company, while the subcategories below apply more to different aspects of the business. While this isn’t quite the same as an RSS feed, this business communication tool and similar sources make your intranet familiar and easily navigable.


Source: Axero Solutions

Plugging the news sources directly into your intranet’s main hub is a way to deliver updates without sacrificing productivity. LiveTiles’ new News Feed Tile allows for a quick and compact way to communicate the latest company updates to all members of your digital workplace. By placing the tile at the most visible point on your intranet layout, you can best convey this news as soon as users visit the site. It also lets you use images to accompany every news story, which adds a more appealing component to the design and gives company members a better idea of what the updates are about.


The LiveTiles News Tile makes intranet updates simple and straightforward.

Internal communication is essential for a connected workplace, and intranet platforms like LiveTiles are working to make this dispersion of information as easy and engaging as possible. By keeping up to date on the latest news distribution software updates, you too can make your digital workplace a more involved place for everyone in it.

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