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Leader Product Release Notes July 7

This week wraps up our Leader product release cycle, and it’s out with a bang: introducing our new Nintex and SharePoint Workflow Tiles!

We’ve been working away to make your integration experience even better. Now you can integrate Nintex and SharePoint workflows with our pre-configured tiles dedicated to just that, and we’ve crushed a few more bugs on the way. See the tables below for details on this week’s improvements, bug fixes and instructions on using the Nintex Workflow Tile.

Be sure to stay tuned! Next week we’ll release the first set of new features and improvements from our Massimo cycle—an epic name for the greatest upcoming features.

2 New Features: Nintex Workflow Tile and SharePoint Workflow Tile

  1. Nintex Workflow Tile

Say hello to the Nintex Workflow Tile! This tile will allow you to start a configured Nintex workflow when clicked.

It is simple to setup. Simply drag and drop the tile onto your canvas, open the tile settings and move to the workflow tab.

The first thing you need to do is select where your required workflow is located (i.e. a site or list). Once this has been selected, choose which workflow you want the tile to initiate.

It is also possible to provide the parameters for the workflow. However, this is only useful for those workflows setup to accept starting variables.

Once you click on the configured workflow button, you will get a notification on whether the workflow has been started or not. If it has been, you will be shown a tick icon. If it has not, an “X” will be displayed.

It is possible to have multiple Nintex tiles on the same page.

It is important to note that this initial tile is intended for use with workflows that do not require user input to start (other than those pre-defined by the tile parameters). For example, a month end reporting process whereby the first step is to create a specific task, etc., is a good candidate. Something such as an employee leave request is not, as it requires user input for the workflow to be of value. We are also working on some additional tiles that provide form inputs, etc., so stay tuned!

  1. SharePoint Workflow Tile

In addition to the Nintex Workflow Tile, we also now have the generic SharePoint Workflow Tile! At this stage, the two tiles have the same functionality. However, we envisage the tiles to evolve differently based on the features provided by Nintex.


Add hover color to Documents Tile Previously, the Documents tile was unable to change color when you hovered over it with the mouse. With this update, you can now set a Mouse Over Color when the Highlight On Mouse Over box is checked.
Sidebar open by default We have added the option to have the side menu displayed upon page load. This gives you more freedom when designing pages, by providing the choice to show the side navigation menu when the page opens, with the option of closing it later.This improvement has been a common request from our ideas portal—we’re listening!

Crushed Bugs:

Overflow issues with various tiles Before, some tiles had an overflow issue in regards to icon size, and titles still being visible even if the tile was reduced to a small size that should hide them. This has been fixed for all browsers except Internet Explorer, on the following tiles: • Search Box • Delve • Documents • OneDrive • Circle • Embed • Rectangle • Morphing • Nav Bar Menu • Nav List Menu • My List • Schedule List • Task Alert • Workflow Task • Alert • Facebook • My Profile • Twitter
Old logo displayed on Save As screen We have updated the displayed logo on the Save As success dialog.
Tiles duplicate/delete/etc. if hotkeys are pressed while typing into the tile gallery search box Hotkey interactions now do not create an action if a user is typing into the tile gallery search.

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