Leader Product Release Notes June 22

This week’s release notes feature our new Facebook Slide tile, alongside an improvement to our News List tile. And, of course, we’ve done our extermination duties of crushing five bugs, so your LiveTiles Design experience is as pest-free as possible.

Be sure to check back in a couple weeks, when we’ll be releasing more new features to LiveTiles Design. Until then, scope out the below table, which explains this week’s release in detail.

New Feature:

Facebook Slide tile Welcome to the Facebook Slide tile. This tile behaves in the same way as the Twitter and Yammer Slide tiles. You’re able to have the Facebook feed slide out from either side of the page.

You’re able to change the feed from the tile settings by grabbing the account ID of the Facebook feed you want to embed.



News List tile We have introduced the ability to hide images on the tile, allowing you to opt out of an image being displayed on the tile.

In addition, if an item does not have an image associated with it, the tile will adapt in order to remove the blank space taken up by the image.


Crushed Bugs:

Bing Map Tile – Address and Name are the wrong color This has been fixed so that the color of the Address and Name columns under the map tile are the correct color.
Preview width panel in responsive is still clickable even if a model is open This has been fixed so that the device width is not clickable when a modal is opened.
Document List Page – Add Folder button is added multiple times in add panel The Add Folder button is now only added once in the add panel.
Ampersands in folder names prevent Document List Page from loading Ampersands in folder names now work with Document List Pages.
Twitter Slide Tile – Slider Width Missing PX Box Twitter Slide width box now has PX label.

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