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Leader Product Release Notes May 25

In this release, we are introducing Announcement List Pages into the product.

As a big improvement over the Announcement Lists that are currently available in SharePoint, the Announcement List Page allows users to easily view and manage their company announcements from within LiveTiles Design.

Announcement List page


  • New item creation:Announcements can be created directly using the Announcement Form, accessible on the list page by clicking “New” in the top toolbar.
  • Pinned and Critical states: Announcements can be marked as critical, or to pinned to the top of the list.
  • Easier editing:Attachments can be edited directly on the page, in an easy and intuitive way. To edit an announcement or its attachments, users with access can simply click on the Edit button and make the changes in-place.
  • Attachment handling:Attachments can be edited directly from their parent announcement, where they’re displayed inline at the bottom of the text body.
  • In-line image preview:Any attached image can be set as a Featured Image, which is displayed inline at the bottom of the announcement body.

How to get this new feature

This feature requires an update to your LiveTiles installation using the LiveTiles Design manager app. To update your installation, go to the site contents which holds the LiveTiles Design Manager app, then open the app and click the install button. Once completed, your LiveTiles Design installation will have the announcement list. If you don’t see the install button, the update has already been applied.

How to use Announcement List pages

Announcement List Pages are used as the default viewing page for the Card Slider, News and News List tiles. To apply to an existing tile on your page, simply open the configuration page for that tile and reconfigure using the LiveTiles View option under the links URL list type. You can continue to use the tradition SharePoint List page if you wish.

Setting up your list to take advantage of this feature

The Announcement List Page will work with custom list pages as well as the traditional SharePoint announcement list pages. There are some pre-requisites that need to be met in order to use Announcement List Pages. At the minimum, the source will require: Title (text), Body or Content (note) and Image (URL).

The standard announcement list type does not include the columns required to deliver the best experience for the list page. You will need to add a column called Image or type URL to upload and display featured images. In addition, if you would like to take advantage of the critical and pinned options, you will need to add two new columns to your list(s): both “Critical” and “Pinned” boxes checked (yes/no).

Accessing from a non news tile

If you would like to access the list pages using a non-news tile (i.e. a rectangle tile or a morphing tile), you can open the list by using a URL which points to the announcement list page in the following format:


Additional customization can be achieved by adding query parameters to your URL.

The following table shows you the special query parameters supported.

Name Value Example Required? Comments
listTitle Company news Yes This title may not be the same as the display name e.g. “Company News” vs. “all company news”
webUrl /sites/mysite/mysubsite Yes URL of web where list lives
&listtype= 104 No Add 104 if list being pointed to is a custom list instead of an announcement list. The 104 ID tells the page to treat the list as an announcement list.
accentColor White No Accent font color (header, menu, overlays etc.)
ActiveColor Blue No Color of active icons
AccentBGColor Red No Accent background color

As an example, a list at the top level of your sites called “Company News” with custom color settings would use the following URL:

{your site}/LiveTilesDesign/DisplayPages/ListPage.aspx?listTitle=Company%20News&webUrl=/&accentColor=white&accentBgColor=rgb(103,%2020,%20138)&

Summary of new features:

The following table provides a summary of the remaing new features that you can try out in this release.

Feature  External Description (LTD) 
Visual Tile Settings We have introduced visual icons for the tile target settings across our tiles in the Design canvas.

Configuration options that are now using visual settings are:


List URL Type: If the tile has a list page associated with it, the icons will show whether you would like to show the opened list item in the LiveTiles list page, the traditional SharePoint list page or open up a field of the list if available.


Click Target: This will allow you to choose whether page will open as a Modal, in a Slider, in a New Window or In Place.


Style: If you select Modal, they will be able to choose whether it opens in a Frameless, a Framed or generic SharePoint modal window. If you choose Slide, you can choose whether it opens in from the left or right of the page.


The following tiles below now use the visual settings:

Text, Documents, Delve, OneDrive, Card Slider, News, News List, Circle, Embed Rectangle, Rectangle, My List, Schedule List, Task Alert, Workflow Task Alert, Giphy, Image, and My Profile.

News list tile By popular demand, we have introduced a new style of the News tile called the News List tile, which will allow you to have a news site styled tile on the page.

The tile works in the same way as the News tile and the Card Slider tile. You will be able to link the News List Tile to an announcement list. This will allow you to display an announcement list in this style. In addition, you will be able to click on any of the news items. This will open up the announcement in the style set up by the designer (modal, slider, in place, or in a new window).

Make frameless dialog resizable We have added in the ability to resize the Frameless Modal Dialog window.

Previously, you were unable to resize the window, but you now have the option to resize it by choosing the modal height and width, as well as dragging to resize while the modal window is opened.

Ability to configure on News and Card Slider what column the content pulls from You are now able to choose which column the content area of the News and Card Slider is sourced from.
Tile Settings – minor style changes We have given the settings for each tile a minor style upgrade to make them more consistent with branding.
Opacity on Mouse hover now works for all tiles Opacity should apply consistently.
LiveTiles logo is now not stretched in IE 9, 10 and 11 Logo is now not stretched in Internet Explorer.
Background color no longer matches some tile colors Background color is now white.
Document tile – View Setting now obeys not showing folders Document tile now obeys views opting not to show folders.



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