LiveSmiles Intelligent Wellness Solution – Movember Edition

LiveTiles and Movember have teamed up to bring you the latest and greatest Movember Edition of our Intelligent Wellness solution, LiveSmiles.

Movember Edition of LiveSmiles

Employee wellness portals are emerging as an important and significant facet of the digital workplace that has been proven to positively impact organisations and support HR, People & Experience and Transformation initiatives throughout the business.

Alongside its intranet counterpart, employee wellness solutions can contribute to staff wellbeing, talent retention and business cost savings when properly managed and maintained as an extension of the employee experience.

That’s why we developed LiveSmiles, our free out-of-the-box (OOTB) Intelligent Wellness solution deployed to Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Azure and soon-to-be Teams. It’s our way of giving back to organizations to help support the shift from wellbeing awareness, to a concrete business solution offered to you at no cost.

Drive a compelling employee experience (EX) with a solution to promote staff wellbeing. LiveSmiles has all the benefits and features of our Wizdom Intelligent Intranet commercial platform, with the ability to tailor, modify and customize the OOTB offering to meet the specific needs of your workforce.

The Movember Edition of LiveSmiles includes the following benefits and features:

  • Embedded Movember MoSpace Team Page to drive awareness and charitable donations across the organization
  • News and publishing abilities to easily create on-page content with configuration options for on-click actions such as pop-up modal windows, hyperlinks and more
  • Bot assistants to support staff at their strongest point of interest and escalate to the accurate human point of contact when needed  
  • Customizable look and feel to maintain strong and consistent branding with tailored colours, styles and templates controlled in a central console
  • 3rd party integrations to surface content from social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter and more, including CRMs, Office 365 apps and third-party business applications
  • Tailored header menu experience that includes a CTA and Movember countdown clock

To request your Movember Edition of LiveSmiles, please complete the fields below and a member of our team will reach out to provide the Intelligent Wellness OOTB solution for your organization and workforce.

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