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LiveTiles and Victory Tech Services Form Strategic Partnership

LiveTiles sat down with Victory Tech Services’ Dan Stroebel this week to talk more about our recently announced partnership to expand our footprint within the US Government sector.

Dan, a US Marine for 25 years, is also an expert in IT consulting and knows the US Government sector inside and out. Our longstanding relationship with Dan has provided critical assistance with the implementation of LiveTiles’ software across a number of shared US Government clients already, including the US Marines and US State Department.

How long have you known LiveTiles?

I came across LiveTiles in the early stages in 2015. I started using LiveTiles and automatically knew it was what we were looking for. From the beginning, LiveTiles enhanced our design work within SharePoint, enabling us to customize pages in ways that wasn’t possible with out of the box SharePoint. LiveTiles was the perfect fit and a great alternative to paying for custom code UI. It has exceeded my expectations ever since.

How has LiveTiles software helped you deliver SharePoint projects?

LiveTiles helps us make SharePoint UX the best it can be. One project we’re currently working on is with a government organization, and it involves a CMS application within SharePoint. Everyone we’ve shown it to so far is excited about the look and feel. Every time we show a LiveTiles solution, people can’t believe it’s still SharePoint.

What excites you about the LiveTiles/Victory Tech partnership?

The more people that see how LiveTiles can improve the SharePoint experience, the more departments within the government will be excited about our partnership. More exposure ultimately means more demand and I’m excited to get the word out there within the government sector.

What are some of the common IT challenges the US Government Sector faces and how can LiveTiles and Victory Tech solve them?

Most of the challenges have to do with collaboration. Many organizations in government are looking for better ways to collaborate internally between departments and externally with other organizations.

Another challenge is using SharePoint as it was meant to be used, which is more than just a file share. Many government organizations are just looking to solve problems, and there’s a lot more potential for SharePoint than how it’s currently being used. This is where LiveTiles comes in. It gives SharePoint the look and feel that a customer wants, and a customer gets a lot more functionality out of it in return.

Do you think the US Government sector is ready for AI and Bots?

There’s definitely a demand for bots, but it will take a while. The good news is that several government organizations are starting to look into AI technology, and I see more coming on board in the future.

When it comes to IT, where do you see the US Government Sector headed in the next few years?

There will be a huge push in security, especially when it comes to data and important internal documents. This is a big deal now and it will only become bigger in the coming years.

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