LiveTiles April 27 Kogan Release Walkthrough

In this release of LiveTiles Design, we are bypassing the user’s interaction with SharePoint from our LiveTiles graphical user interface. Previously, when a user viewed a document via LiveTiles, the user would be taken to the old document library in SharePoint. This would cause a break in the overall experience, since the user would now find him or herself seeing a popup from essentially a different program, the root program.  The goal was to keep the user within the LiveTiles framework and to improve overall style. The theme colors will match and right-clicking on a document will allow you to delete, share or download.

We offer two view options: a list style view and a card style view. In both, the user has the option of managing, sharing and deleting.

LiveTiles April 27 Kogan Release Walkthrough

In card view, users are shown a card that has information about the document. This includes the same information in the list view. The user can select the options by clicking the favicon, which is located in the bottom right corner. When the menu opens, the user can share, manage or delete.

LiveTiles April 27 Kogan Release Walkthrough

The user will have the ability to search the folders by clicking on the magnifying glass icon and searching the library for a particular document. Clicking on the + sign will open up the extra features, including the ability to add new folders.  Breadcrumb navigation allows for free movement throughout the overall design scheme. As long as the folders have been utilized, the user will be able to click back to any previous folder.

There are two ways to upload new documents. The first is by using the upload button, which is visible at the top of the list. This allows users to browse their computer and upload multiple files. The second option is the ability to drag and drop files into a highlighted section on the page.

The URL link to list pages is the following:


In addition, users will be able to add in special query parameters by appending them to the end of the above URL i.e. &viewTitle=SomeSpecialView

The following table shows you how to fill out the above URL as well as the special query parameters that are accepted when using this method to point to the list:

LiveTiles April 27 Kogan Release Walkthrough

Another new feature is the metatag ugrade. The metatag “” is now unnecessary in page settings. See for the discussion.

The RSS Feed tile has been given an overhaul as well. Now the font of the title, time stamps and body can be independently customized, allowing for different styling preferences. Also, text color can be changed, along with the size, styles, weight, and as mentioned above, font. To try it, drag and drop the “RSS feed” icon onto the grid. You can custom format it like any other tile—through the configure menu, or change the size by clicking around the edge of the tile.

Additionally, there are five bug fixes with this release:

1. We removed the CSS that was applying pink colors to anchor tags in pages created with LiveTiles Design.
2. Previously, when using the “Save as” for a page or template and hitting “Cancel,” an error message would appear. This error message has been removed.
3. The Yammer Slide Tile would only slide from the left to right. This would occur even when the settings were set for it to slide right. With this fix, the tile will slide from right to left when set as right, and left to right when set as left.
4. In responsive pages, phones would display saved pages scaled for a desktop size. This fix allows the mobile site to display correctly.
5. On the Add Web Part Tile, when permissions are applied and a user who isn’t eligible views the page, the tile doesn’t display, as expected. However, the Add Web Part button and the documents would display unconstrained at the bottom of the page. This has been fixed, and users outside of the tile’s permissions will no longer be able to see contents of the tile below.

This rounds out the latest release, let us know if you have any additional questions or comments. To see the accompanying video for the release notes, see

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