LiveTiles & Hyperfish: Not Your Average Corporate Merger

LiveTiles has wasted no time welcoming Hyperfish into the family, since announcing it was acquiring the leading next generation employee profile and directory management software company from Kirkland,  Washington.

The LiveTiles / Hyperfish merger has not been your typical corporate affair, with both people and technology integrating seamlessly.

With a similar set of values, and a shared understanding of delivering a great user experience with humans at the center, there’s been very little period of adjustment for both companies.

Even the backstory of the acquisition itself isn’t entirely based on cost-benefit analysis. The co-founders of LiveTiles and Hyperfish had been friends for years prior to the acquisition. Brian Cook, co-founder and CEO of Hyperfish, also co-founded and served as CEO of Nintex, a prominent LiveTiles partner.

This understanding and familiarity of each other has resulted in a quick start to the LiveTiles / Hyperfish combination. LiveTiles has already announced its latest product – the LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace –which incorporates Hyperfish technology into a complete intelligent workplace solution underpinned by artificial intelligence.

The LiveTiles Intelligent Workplace was showcased at last week’s Microsoft Inspire, held in Las Vegas, and attended by over 16,000 partners, customers, and business leaders.

This acquisition has been anything but a hostile takeover, but a true meeting of the minds built on friendship, complementary technology, and people-orientated company values.

Needless to say—we’re very excited about where this combination will take us all, and to bring our combined intelligent offerings to the market.

Karl Redenbach, CEO and Co-Founder of LiveTiles, stated:  “We continue to see enterprises shift from ‘digital’ to ‘intelligent’ workplace solutions, supported by the wide acceptance that artificial intelligence provides a cost-effective solution for companies to establish efficient, collaborative and user-friendly business processes. We expect our new offering with Hyperfish will be embraced by new and existing customers, and will contribute to our continued strong growth in subscription revenue in FY19 and beyond.”

Stay tuned for part two!



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