LiveTiles Design: Kogan 1.0 Release Notes

Release Name Kogan 1
Release Date 3/28/2016
Reference # Name Type Description
2864 Hover state on save tale shows as save as app instead of save tile Product Improvement When you hover over the save tile heart icon, it now says save tile instead of save as my app.
2876 Lists: Users with read-only access to a list get an error Bug The bug that meant that users who had read only permissions being shown an access denied message has been fixed with users now being able to see the lists while still not being able to edit or delete the lists. In order for these fixes to take place, the pages will need to be resaved
2933 New Embed Dialog Style New Feature Livetiles now has a new option for Modal windows. Users can now swap between the current style, the native sharepoint dialog box or the new frameless dialog option.
2943 Group marker indication to note which groups have special view permission New Feature LiveTiles design now has an the ability to mark which groups have special permissions when selecting which group to look at the canvas through. This improvement will allow the ability to determine which groups have special view permissions and which ones do not without having to look at each indivial group and/or tile.
LTD-44 Universal Sliders for Modal-Enabled tiles (Circle, Rectangle, Documents, My List, Schedule List, Task Alert, Workflow Task Alert, News List, Card Slider) New Feature A new feature which has been added into the product is the ability for all windows that can be opened up in a modal window to now have the ability to open up external links in a slide panel which can open up on either side of the page. Users will also be able to change the width of the sliders. Note: The limitations that apply to the morphing tile and modals windows will apply to slide out panels.
LTD-44 Embed & Embed Rectangle Tile New Feature Two new tile that is being released with this update are the embed tiles. These two new tiles allow users to be able to embed links from applications such as excel, office mix, sway etc straight onto the page without having to use the code snippet tool and copying the embed code. To use the embed tiles, a user will need to enter in an embeddable url into the tile settings. Users will also be able to add in parameters into the embed tiles such as height, width etc.


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