LiveTiles Page Designer Update: August 28, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer includes some changes to Intelligence, along with some bug fixes for V5 Classic. These bug fixes only affect V5 Classic, and not V4.


LiveTiles Intelligence sees an update going out with a significantly simplified installation process. This is the first step towards allowing support for some on-premises environments not yet compatible with LiveTiles Intelligence. To install Intelligence, simply navigate to the Landing Page, click on Manage, and click on Intelligence in the drop down. Once clicked, a modal will appear that guides you through the process of installing Intelligence. After the activation is complete, going to Intelligence through Manage on the Landing Page will lead to information about the region Intelligence is installed into, along with an optional deactivation process.

Bug Fixes for V5 Classic

Broken SPFx Modern Web Parts in IE11Fixed a bug where IE11 was having issues using the SPFx Modern Web Parts, causing an infinite spin on the page.
Twitter TileFixed a bug that occurred when two Twitter Tiles were placed on a V5 Classic page, the second tile would fail to load.
Personal Tiles Scrollbar OverlapFixed a bug where scrollbars would overlap the content panel of the Meetings and Email Tile slide out.
List TileFixed a bug with the List Tile where the title field of a list was a “Lookup” type. This has been switched to a “Text” type.

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