LiveTiles Page Designer Update: November 14, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer includes a new Modern Web Part Tile, a small improvement to the Add Web Part Tile, along with 5 bug fixes. These bug fixes only affect V5 Classic, and not V4.

Modern Web Part Tile

The new Modern Web Part Tile can be found under Accessories category in the Tile Gallery. This tile allows the selection of Out of the Box (OOTB) SharePoint Modern Web Parts, along with Custom Modern Web Parts. This new tile only loads one web part when configuring through the tile settings. There are three steps to using the new tile:

Step One: Once the tile is placed on the canvas, open up the settings to the tile. From here, the General tab will populate a list of Out of the Box Web Parts and Custom Web Parts. Web parts can be filtered, or the selection of OOTB or Custom Web Parts can be toggled. Once a web part is selected, click done.

Step Two: The web part definition will be queued for creation until page save.

Step Three: After saving the page, go back into the tile settings. From here, there will be a button that opens a new tab to edit the web part. The new tab will lead to the SharePoint interface for editing web parts.

Please note that the web part will not display in the design view, and can only be viewed from the end user view.

Add Web Part Tile Improvement

An addition has been added to the General tab for the Add Web Part Tile, which contains a list of the web parts that are currently being used by the tile. This also allows for editing and deleting any web parts that are loaded into the tile to better manage how the tile displays. If no web part has been selected for the tile, the list will appear blank.

Please note that orphaned web parts on existing pages belonging to the wrong tile will be removed. This can occur when there are multiple add web part tiles, and one web part is saved to an add web part tile but then removed without deleting the web part.

Bug Fixes for V5 Classic

Lato FontAn issue has been resolved where the Lato font was receiving a 404 error.
Documents TileResolved an issue where custom column ordering in SharePoint was not transferring over to the Documents Tile. It will now honor the order of columns from the SharePoint list.
News TileWhen switching views in a News Tile set to Slider Layout, the tile disappeared until a page refresh. This has been fixed.
List Items DeletionPreviously, list items such as Sections, Templates, Tiles, Packages, Media Picker files, Calendar Tile events, Document Tile items, List Tile items, and Announcements and Documents from the LiveTiles List Page would be permanently deleted when removed. This has been modified to instead have these items go to the SharePoint recycle bin. These items can now be restored in case of wrongful deletion by going into the SharePoint recycle bin and restoring them.
SoundCloud TileInvalid Share URLs would cause an error message to appear multiple times. This has been resolved.

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