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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

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LiveTiles, the perfect publishing project management system

What’s your publishing house’s story?

Something many people outside of the publishing community do not realize is just how much behind-the-scenes work goes on after (and even before) the handoff of an author’s manuscript. Just to get those pages from a raw heap into a polished work fit for a store shelf, several production phases and well over a dozen departments must harmonize to complete the task lucratively. There are a lot of inherent variables that come with anything that relies on that much cooperation, but pulling it off can be even more of a crapshoot if the venues that allow for that cooperation are capricious.  But hey, you already knew this. Which is why you already understand the value of an effective project management system such as LiveTiles—one that gives your business powerful collaboration tools and flexibility so that you can control your own narrative and find success.

LiveTiles, the perfect publishing project management system

As mentioned, project collaboration is key in this industry. With LiveTiles, it’s simplified and made far more accessible.  You see, the software makes a sort of one-stop shop for all of your project management tools that brings together a plethora of communication and informational features that everyone can have access to in one centralized, digital space. Reaching out to different departments and staying in touch with imprints is painless.

Each team can have its Yammer channel right on the portal for quick chats and posts, or, you can even view all imprints and/or Yammer channels right in one space. Yammer is a fantastic means to keep workplace digital contact human. You can still convey needed business, such as advocating a book to the marketing and sales department or engaging with legal to publish a “tell-all”, without having the aloofness that is common to many typical email exchanges.

Implement Apps

Beyond direct communication, LiveTiles helps project collaboration by allowing for the implementation of apps that create data visualizations for a team. By using an app such as PowerBi, your intranet can show you statistics of both past and forecasted sales and market projections to determine if you’re on track with your numbers.

Staying on top of specific schedules to meet those numbers is also a big part of the software’s project management tools. The calendar slider can allow for an easy way to track book acquisitions and which phases of the editorial journey they’re in or still need to pass through. Often if a sudden and unforeseen delay, update, or alteration occurs during the process—whether due to the author or some unanticipated circumstance—the entire schedule can be disrupted. Then, the group effort to allay this could also get sloppy as teams scramble to make up for lost time. A manuscript getting bumped back and forth in the phase shuffle can always stem into more problems. Regardless of how seasoned a team is, in the day-to-day of the publishing industry, Murphy’s Law is no stranger.

LiveTiles, the perfect publishing project management system

So having a project management system with a robust design that considers the likelihood of setbacks is essential. With LiveTiles, swift adaptability is the name of the game. Its drag and drop software mechanic makes managing your intranet and its palette of collaboration tools doable in a flash from any location. Update team members and stay connected from your desktop at work, your tablet at home, or even on the go from your phone—all in real time. That’s huge. In an industry like publishing, where timely and meaningful collaboration can make or break you, utilizing a resource like LiveTiles to its fullest would really be one for the books.

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