LiveTiles Product Release Notes: 17 April, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes includes 1 improvement and 12 bug fixes.

1 Improvement

Page Version
Improved the version information within the Page Settings by introducing a field for product version. Now, the product version can be compared against the page version. Page version is based off of the last save of the page.

12 Bug Fixes

Documents TileThe search icon for the Documents Tile and Cloud Documents Tile had a UI inconsistency and wasn’t unified at 20 pixels. This has now been fixed.
Documents TileThe New Documents Tile wasn’t respecting sort order in custom views. This has now been fixed.
Rectangle Tile/Morphing TileText wouldn’t wrap when the tile is smaller than the text and on mobile devices. This has now been fixed.
Documents TileSort order was not being applied to the Legacy Document Tile’s modal view. This has now been fixed.
RSS Feed (Legacy) TileThe text on the RSS Feed (Legacy) Tile stated Number of Items to Display instead of Number of Lines to Display. This has now been fixed.
List TileEditing a blank field with a default date, saving the change, and editing again would cause an error. This has now been fixed.
Documents TileConfirmation modal for delete was different than elsewhere in the product, resulting in a UI that wasn’t unified. This has now been fixed.
List TileThe date field was always mandatory and would input the current day if it was left blank. This has now been fixed.
Asset PickerThe asset picker wasn’t returning search terms as results in the design canvas. This has now been fixed.
Calendar TileOn some occasions, weekly recurring events set for Sunday would double up on the first Sunday and show nothing on the last Sunday of the month. This has now been fixed.
Calendar Tile
Deleting an instance of a recurring all day event where it was created in a different timezone would cause the event to remain. This has now been fixed.
Template Help Link
There was a dead link on the Landing Page Templates tab to the knowledge base on saving templates. This link occurs when there aren’t any saved templates in the template section. This has now been fixed.

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