LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 1

This week, we introduce the first release in our Dunant cycle, named after the great businessman and social activist Henry Dunant. This week’s release includes a new tile and 21 bug fixes. Check it out!

New Tile:

We are excited to introduce the User’s Recent Files tile, which provides a list of the recent files that a user has accessed. It is powered by the Office 365 Graph API, so it will provide files accessed through the majority of Microsoft services.

The tile has the following settings that can be configured:

  1. The number of files to display
  2. Tile title
Bug Fixes:
Font Style for List Item Not being Applied The underline font style on the Documents Tile, My List Tile, Schedule List Tile and My Team Tile didn’t apply as expected. Additionally, on the User Profile Tile, this setting created an underline on blank spaces. This now been fixed.
Documents Tile – Slide Option Chooses Only Tiles Slide Setting for Link Targeting When choosing the slide for both Title and Item in the Documents Tile, the setting for Title would apply to items as well, irrespective of what the items setting was. This is not fixed and working as expected. This has now been fixed.
Nintex and SharePoint Workflow—Overflow Hidden Not Active The Nintex and SharePoint Workflows did not have text overflow enables, so users were unable to see some of the text. This has now been fixed.
Video Tile Padding – Tile Padding Affects Play Button and Not Image When applying padding to the video tile, the image wasn’t affected, but the play button was.
Documents Tile – Display Type Set to Icon Displays with Issue (i.e. Firefox, Edge) The Document Tile had an issue in IE9, IE10, Firefox and Edge, where the documents in the tile would not display correctly if the tile had the Display Type set to ‘Icon.”
Tile Settings – Setting Categories Not Switching to Drop Down Until Certain Size The tile settings dialog for all tiles didn’t behave as expected when reducing the window size. Half of the dialog and its settings would not be visible before the setting categories would turn into a drop down menu.
SoundCloud Tile – New Player Won’t Take Effect Until Theme is Changed The SoundCloud Tile had a bug where a new player wouldn’t appear until the theme was changed.
OneDrive Tile – Text Persists on Tile Once Removed from Text Field When removing text from the Text tab on the OneDrive Tile and saving the settings, the text would remain on the file.
Video Tile – Update Default Size on Canvas The default size of the Video Tile was changed
Picture Gallery Tile – Update Default Size on Canvas The default size of the Picture Gallery Tile on the design canvas was changed to allow improved display of images
Power BI – Body Font Changes Affect Header Font When changing the body font, instead of only affecting the body, it also affects and overrides the title font
Cloud Documents Tile – Edit Doesn’t Follow Header Font Color Updated the ‘Edit’ option in the Cloud Documents Tile to align with the Header Font options, in particular the font color was not applied
Tile Gallery – Text for Search Error Message Indicating Invalid Search Closely Matches Background Color The text color used for error messages was changed to be more visible in this tile.
Documents Tile – Sort by View Not Applying within Folders The Documents Tile has been updated to apply the Sort By View settings when navigating down to sub folders.
Wireframe mode – wireframe toggle graphic icon not appearing on end user toggle The wireframe mode icon was missing. This has been added again.
Picture Gallery – Having Too Many Images in the Library Causes a Crash The Picture Gallery had a bug where it would crash if there were too many images. This has now been resolved by restricting the number of images that would load at a time.
Task Alert Tile – Invalid List Causes Tile Hangup Without Error Message The Task Alert Tile had a bug where it would hang if the attached list was empty. This has now been fixed.
Saved Sections – Sections not Appearing for Anyone Outside of LiveTiles Owner/Designer Groups The newly released Saved Sections did not appear for anyone who wasn’t in the LiveTiles Owners or Designers groups. This seems to be due to the group permissions being blocked/failing on case, but has now been corrected.
Page Saving – Prompt After Save as Not Appearing on a New Page if Error Occurs Before Saving When saving a new page, if the file name used illegal characters (such as a / in the name) and a user clicked save, the page would not save and threw an error prompt as expected.  However, when the File Name issue was cleared and the page saved successfully, the prompt to go HomeGo To Page or Keep Designing didn’t appear, and the canvas would not display the Go To Page at the top until the page went through Save As again.
Content Tile – Search Icon Throwing Error The search icon would throw an error on the content tile. This has been fixed.
People Search Tile and People Directory Tile – Clicking on User Profile Image in IE Shows Error Page When a user profile picture was clicked on the People Search Tile or the People Directory Tile in IE, an error page would appear. The functionality of the tile still worked, as it will expand to the enhanced attributes, it’s just that the error page also appeared. This has been fixed.

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