LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 2

This week’s Dunant 2 product release includes 4 usability improvements and 18 bug fixes. Check it out!


4 Usability Improvements:
  • Improved Design Gallery Templates

The templates provided in the design gallery have been updated to newer, more relevant examples utilizing the latest features in the product.

  • Improved Page Loading Spinner

We have seen a few requests around changing the colored circles that spin during a page load. As a first step, we have removed the color of these to make them match a wider range of environments.

  • Improved Recent Documents Tile

We improved the new Recent Documents Tile. There was a display issue where a long filename would ‘overwrite’ the Month and Icon in the list. We have now resolved this so that these are always visible and the filename display is instead truncated.

  • Improved List Tile

The List Tile has been updated to support display of attachments.

18 Bug Fixes:
LiveTiles List Page – Share Doesn’t Capture Custom Colors from Settings When clicking Share on an announcement from the LiveTiles List page, custom colors designated from the Tile settings weren’t being captured. This has been fixed.
Card View – Long Document Names Break Card View in IE 11 When a file had a long name in the Documents Tile in Internet Explorer 11, it caused the view in card reader to break. This has been fixed.
Image Tile – Font Style Underline is Not Applying In the Image Tile, selecting the Font Style Underline in the tile settings would not display an underline on the text. This has been fixed.
Horizontal Line Tile – Area on Responsive Overlaps Other Tiles The area for the horizontal line didn’t match the thickness of the tile. As such, when dragging a line onto the page, the area would have a gap and the tile below couldn’t be edited until the page was clicked off. This has been fixed.
News Ticker Tile – Tile Settings Wrongfully Contains Image Height Field The News Ticker Tile settings had a field for Image Height which wasn’t relevant, and thus applied anywhere. This has been fixed.
Content Tile – Large Font Size Distorts the Media Select Bubble The Content Tile had a bug when the font size of the tile was set very large. This would result the media select bubble to be distorted so the images could not be seen properly. This has been fixed
Cloud Documents – When Edit Turned Off, Empty Folders Should Remove “Drag a file” Text The Cloud Documents tile has been updated to not display the text “Drag a file here to upload it” when the Edit functionality in the tile settings has been turned off. This is the intended functionality, but the text remaining caused some user confusion.
Calendar Tile IE10 – Months in the Month and Year Selection Remove Formatting The Calendar Tile had an Internet Explorer 10 bug where the months would lose their alignment when the month picker was triggered. This has been fixed.
Email and Meetings Tiles IE10 – Icon Format is Lost When using IE10 and navigating through the panels on the Email and Meetings Tiles to a user, the icons for E-mail, Call, Meet with, and Chat would lose their format and shrink in size. This has been fixed.
Landing Page – Accessing Manage Groups Without Permission to Modify Groups Causes Stuck Dialog Using the manage groups pane as a Designer without Site Collection Permissions wouldn’t load the page. This has been fixed
LiveTiles List URL – Browse For a File Text Color is Dark on a Dark Background Within the LiveTiles List URL, which can be accessed from News tiles, adding an attachment would display a dark font text for the Browse for a file… button. This has been fixed.
Page Error Handling – Landing on a Page Which Doesn’t Exist Via the Design Canvas Produces 404 Error When you landed on a page and got an error, instead of timing out or giving an error message, the page would get hung up on the loading icon. This has now been fixed.
News Tile and Card Slider Tile – More Button Link Doesn’t Work Until Settings are Opened and Saved In the News Tile and Card Slider Tile, placing the tile default on the canvas without opening and saving the Tile Settings would make the More button stop working on the end user view. This has been fixed.
News Tile – Page Bar Blocks “More” When Too Many List Items are Present Compared to the Tile Width If there were too many announcements compared to the width of the News Tile, the page bar would block the functionality of “More.” This has been fixed.
List Tile – Match Date Format to SharePoint Configuration The date formats for The List Tile wouldn’t align with what was set up in SharePoint. This has been fixed.
Video Tile – Add Text to Tile When Embed is Selected The Video Tile now has the text bar and text show up on the Embed setting, as well as if Embed is not selected.
Content Tile – Changing Font Size Still Changes Icon Size When changing the font size of the Content Tile, the search icon would expand to the size of the font. This has been fixed.
Manage Groups – Manage in SharePoint Link Doesn’t Navigate to Site Collection if in Root The Manage in SharePoint URL in Manage Groups left off the site collection information in the link if accessed on a root site collection. This has been fixed.

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