LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 3

This week’s Dunant 3 product release includes the official release of the free version of LiveTiles Intelligence, the sixth episode of LiveTiles Insider, 1 new tile and 3 bug fixes. Check it out!

1 New Feature: LiveTiles Intelligence

We’re thrilled to announce the official release of the free version of LiveTiles Intelligence. LiveTiles Intelligence enables your organization to match pace with employees’ changing usage habits and is one step in the journey of transitioning from the digital workplace to the intelligent workplace.

With LiveTiles Intelligence, you can evolve an intranet to meet rigorous and sometimes changing ROI standards. The information LiveTiles Intelligence provides allows you to track usage information, adapt your internal sites and pages accordingly and assess the impact of changes. This ensures that your employees are collaborating effectively and that you are redeeming the best possible return on your technology investment.

LiveTiles Insider:

We’re excited to present LiveTiles Insider, an exclusive web series about the Intelligent Workplace.

In this week’s episode, LiveTiles’ Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko explains how LiveTiles Intelligence works.

Watch the sixth episode below:

1 New Tile: RSS 

After multiple requests from users to improve the RSS Feed (Legacy) tile, we’ve gone ahead and created a brand new tile to allow presentation on the format of the News List rather than the little slider feature we had. This tile, named RSS, is available in the tile gallery next to the old tile named RSS Feed (Legacy).

This is part of an ongoing effort to improve the functionality of existing tiles, so keep an eye out for more updates.

3 Bug Fixes:
Video Tile – Fixed Width Non Embed Text Not Appearing When the Video Tile was set to non embed on a fixed width canvas and there was text placed in the text tab with a background height, the text did not appear as it should have. This has now been fixed.
Video Tile – Text Background Height Matching Text Height The Video Tile had an issue that only seemed to occur on responsive and with the aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9.  If there was text input into the Text in the tile settings, and the Text Background Height input was set from 0 at minimum to the text size at maximum, it would default the Text Background Height to the height of the Text itself. This has now been fixed.
Video Tile – Video Cut Off When First Dragged onto Page When the Video Tile was dragged onto a responsive canvas, the initial placement would cause part of the video to be cut off.  Adjusting settings would correct this behavior. This has now been fixed.

New eBook

Digital Workplace Trends Report 2023

The world of work is in flux with new and evolving forces at play. Organizations need to stay ahead of the game by understanding these trends and adapting them to drive success for their digital workplace.

The Business Case for Employee Retention

High employee turnover means high costs: learn more about why employee retention matters for costs, collaboration, and culture.

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