LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 5

This week’s Dunant 5 product release includes the latest episode of LiveTiles Insider, a new News Tile, Single Sign On (SSO) major feature, usability improvements to the List Tile and 2 bug fixes. Check it out!

LiveTiles Insider:

We’re excited to present LiveTiles Insider, an exclusive web series about the Intelligent Workplace.

In this week’s episode, LiveTiles’ Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko provides an update on the premium version of LiveTiles Intelligence.

Watch the episode below:

Introducing the News Tile:

Our customers and partners have said the current suite of options for presentation of news content are limited. We’ve listened to them, and are now excited to introduce the News Tile!

This tile allows for much more expansive customization. We combined the functionality of the previous News Feed, Card Slider and News List Tiles into this new tile.

The benefits? We enable display customization in terms of horizontal, vertical, and overlay layouts, zoom effects and more. Also included is display support for additional media content types.

This new tile gives end users the ability to toggle between filtered views to support personalized, role-based information as is available in native SharePoint.

The previous feed tiles have been renamed to News (Legacy), Card Slider (Legacy), and News List (Legacy), since this new News Tile can be modified to replicate all of those tile behaviors, all in one tile.

New Major Feature: Single Sign On (SSO):

We’re excited to announce the release of Single Sign On (SSO). In the past, users had to authenticate multiple times when there was more than one tile on the page requiring authentication. This update makes the experience much more seamless, since users now only need to authenticate once for all of the tiles. This particularly applies to the Meetings, Email, Groups, Recent Files and Power BI Tiles, as well as LiveTiles Intelligence.

SSO Dunant 5

This is only the first step towards a fully seamless SSO experience, so be sure to let us know what you think.

3 Usability Improvements to the List Tile:

The List tile has been improved to support native SharePoint column formatting. The changes include the following:

  1. In default SharePoint, the list/library “Name” column is always formatted as a hyperlink to the item. Our list tile rendered this out as text, but now has been updated to align with the default SharePoint functionality.
  2. Approval status of pages, e.g., “Draft” or “Approved” or “Pending,” did not render out as that label, but rather displayed as numbers. This now adheres to the SharePoint functionality.
  3. The color format applied now follows the SharePoint behavior.
2 Bug Fixes:
Color issues with Wireframe Mode When using Wireframe Mode during design, some tiles didn’t apply the black and white color scheme, as is expected for all tiles in Wireframe Mode. The impacted tiles were: Card Slider Tile, Calendar Tile, Yammer Feed Tile, Twitter Tile, Mail Tile, Meetings Tile and List Tile. This has now been fixed.
Documents Tile – Nav Bar Menu Tile display issues The Documents Tile prevented the Nav Bar Menu Tile from showing the hamburger menu on a smaller screen when the Nav Bar Menu Tile was set to Show Responsive Menu On Small Screens. This has now been fixed.


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