LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 7

This week’s LiveTiles product release includes 1 major feature, 4 usability improvements and 9 bug fixes. Check it out!

1 Major Feature: Background Images for Rows

In order to allow our users to create more engaging experiences, we have added the ability to set a background image for a row.

3 Usability Improvements:

  • Power BI Tile – The Power BI Tile has been updated to allow for more options when it comes to selecting & browsing reports. This includes allowing a report list to be navigated, similar to the Dashboards option, as well as selecting multiple reports in the tile settings, which a user can then navigate between.
  • Advanced Styles – A variety of tiles have been updated to allow more advanced styling options without having to rely on custom CSS, as was the case previously. Options include setting border width, corners, etc.
  • Email Tile – The Email Tile now allows a user to specify the location of the folder in their Mailbox that the tile should display. This allows users with non-English Mailboxes to specify the Inbox rather than the tile not being able to identify the applicable folder.
  • Adding Icons – The Design Canvas has been updated with icons added to the top of the page where the selection between Rows, Tiles & Sections is made.

9 Bug Fixes:


Announcements – Apostrophe in List Name Doesn’t Allow Image Attachment Images could not be attached to announcements if the list name included an apostrophe. This has now been fixed.
Manage Groups – Permission Access Denied Causes Freeze If a user didn’t have SharePoint admin access to the site collection, clicking the Manage Groups button would cause an error to occur, which in turn resulted in the freezing of the modal window. This has now been fixed.
Saved Sections – Deleted Sections Can’t Be Removed From Pages Using the Deleted Section Deleting a Saved Section resulted in a dotted line still appearing on the canvas for any page where the Section was used. This has now been now fixed.
LiveTiles List URL Type – Sharing an Announcement Via Email Doesn’t Keep URL When sharing an announcement via the LiveTiles List URL Type on any of the feed tiles, choosing the Email option would truncate the URL, resulting in the URL not working. This has now been fixed.
List and News Tile – Changing Display View Always Reverts to All Items When changing Display View with the List Tile and the tagged Feeds Tiles, the result reverted back to the default view of the tile. This has now been fixed.
List Tile – Able to Create New List Items and Save Without Filling in All Required Information Users were able to create new items in the List Tile and save without filling in all the required information. This has now been fixed.
People Directory Tile – Directory View Could Use Better Property for Email The People Directory Tile used the workEmail property as the Photo URL, instead of the accountName property. This has now been fixed,
Custom Code Tile – Include the Ability to Target Tile Config Properties in CSS The Custom Code Tile didn’t allow targeting of tile config properties such as height and width through CSS. This has now been fixed.
Facebook Workplace Tile – Dates Within Groups are Displaying as Invalid in IE The Facebook Workplace Tile didn’t display dates in Internet Explorer. This has now been fixed.


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