LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Dunant 8

This week’s LiveTiles product release includes 2 usability improvements and 6 bug fixes. Check it out!

Two usability Improvements:
  • We identified a few performance improvements around loading of the Intelligence data. To improve the overall performance of Intelligence data being displayed on the Heatmap & Insights panel, we have bundled tile loading events when grabbing the data from the database for display. This will improve the speed of intelligence data being displayed back to users.
  • The Intelligence Installer has been updated to apply read permissions to everyone on the LTD sub-site. Previously, when these users didn’t have access to this sub-site, we were unable to determine the details of their tenant’s Intelligence installation. The result was that the data for their usage couldn’t be linked to any installation, so their data effectively wasn’t captured.
6 Bug Fixes:
Insights Panel When one component in the Insights Panel failed, the other components wouldn’t successfully display data to the user. This has now been fixed.
Custom Tile When closing the editor of the Custom Tile, the tile would freeze for a short period. This has now been fixed.
Intelligence Dropdown Some users were unable to see the Intelligence dropdown after successfully installing LiveTiles Intelligence.

During the loading process of the page, LiveTiles Intelligence interrogates the user profile settings of the underlying SharePoint page. It does this to determine which users should have access to view LiveTiles Intelligence. In some cases, the SharePoint page couldn’t provide this information, with the result being that LiveTiles Intelligence didn’t load. This has now been fixed.

Rectangle Tile The recent release of Advanced Styles impacted some users’ existing settings to result in the Rectangle Tile content being cropped in end-user view. This has now been fixed.
Access Denied A handful of customers ran into ‘Access Denied’ errors after following the correct process of installing LiveTiles Intelligence. The root cause was identified as a mismatch in the underlying SharePoint fields used to check which users have access. This has now been fixed.
Wireframe Mode in IE The Design Canvas would crash when activating wireframe mode in Internet Explorer. This has now been fixed.


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