This week’s LiveTiles product release includes 1 major feature, 1 usability improvement and 4 bug fixes. Check it out!

1 Major Feature: New Onboarding Experience

The Onboarding experience has been redone to allow greater usability.

To get to the new landing page, navigate to the Home.aspx page, or from the design canvas, the Home button in the upper left has been replaced with a “New Page” button that leads to the new experience. If the functionality isn’t visible, please try a clear cache and hard reload.

Besides a new look, the landing page now has a recent pages section, which will show the pages that you have saved recently.

Adding users through the group manager now gives an option to email the user, which will send the site collection information to the user(s) that have been included in the email.

When saving templates, you can now include a description and a screenshot. Any previously saved templates won’t have the screenshot or description until they have been saved over again.

In addition, there is now a guide in the upper right (a light bulb icon) which will have help bubbles appear throughout both the landing page and designer canvas. In the designer canvas, this is located in the upper right between the redo and zoom icons. Within the canvas under Page Settings, there is an option to show a “Powered by LiveTiles” label at the bottom of the general settings. Toggled on, the end user page will show “Powered by LiveTiles” in the gray bar at the top.


1 Usability Improvement: Crash Recovery

The ability to recover pages has been added. Now if a page crashes or if a user accidentally navigates away from the page before saving, an option to restore the page will be prompted upon returning to the canvas.

4 Bug Fixes

  1. Facebook Workplace Tile: When setting the Facebook Workplace Tile to start on a group, no content would appear initially until switching the selected group for the first time. This has been fixed so that the initial group’s content will also appear.
  2. News Tile: Within the News Tile, the Retrieve Additional Items on Scroll setting was only performing once. This has been fixed.
  3. Custom Tile: Some custom code would cause multiple events to trigger at the same time, which caused the color picker to be unusable. This has been fixed.
  4. Documents Tile: Clicking on a link nested within a folder was causing the browser to download the link instead of opening it. This has been fixed.

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