LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Passy 2

This week’s LiveTiles product release includes a new episode of LiveTiles Insider, 4 usability improvements and 22 bug fixes. Check it out!

New Episode of LiveTiles Insider

In our latest product update, our Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko runs through some of the latest improvements to LiveTiles Design.

4 Usability Improvements

  1. Row Duplication

We have included the ability to duplicate rows and nested rows. When a row or nested row is selected, there will now be an icon in the context menu to allow for duplication. It will duplicate the row or nested row and the content within it directly below the targeted row or nested row.

  1. Recent Files Tile

The Recent Files Tile now has a check box option to collapse into the header. Toggling on this check box will add a chevron in the header, and clicking on the chevron will initiate the collapse state. Clicking it again will reveal the contents of the tile.

  1. People Search & People Directory Tiles

The People Search and People Directory Tiles now have a check box option to add a query modification to filter out service accounts from search results.

  1. Text Tile

The Text Tile has a new feature to allow the text to collapse into a header. There is a setting in the Text Tile at the bottom of the General category to include a header, which makes another check box appear to make the tile collapse on the header.

22 Bug Fixes

Content Tile When the Content Tile didn’t have Auto Height applied (Fixed Width Canvas by default, Responsive Canvas by Tile Setting), the padding would look as if it had applied in the designer but wouldn’t be applied in the end user view. This has now been fixed.
Modern Pages When referencing a SharePoint Modern Page in the News Tile, images were appearing fuzzy. To rectify this, a new setting has been added under Image Source. When BannerImageUrl is selected, a new “Image Resolution” drop down appears. It will have three options: Low (sets resolution to 1), Medium (sets resolution to 3) and High (sets resolution to 5).
Documents Tile The LiveTiles List View didn’t apply the Documents Tile Filter and Sort settings. This has now been fixed.
Documents Tile The LiveTiles List Page View was limiting the number of results being listed in the Documents Tile. This has now been fixed.
Documents Tile Sorting wasn’t honoring the “Sort only by specified criteria” check box in the Documents Tile settings. This has now been fixed.
List Tile When the List Tile had certain fields selected in the list, items that contained those fields were displaying even when being filtered out. This has now been fixed.
Image Tile Changing the aspect ratio of the Image Tile in the Responsive Canvas was causing the text and subtitle to display incorrectly. This has now been fixed.
List Pages View On the LiveTiles List Pages view of certain tiles, clicking on the card slider view while already in card view, or clicking on the list view while already in list view, would cause the modal to infinitely spin. This has now been fixed.
Rows – Responsive On new Rows in Responsive, selection states for various column layout options weren’t being set as a default, causing the row to be too wide to fit when screen size changed. This has now been fixed.
Image Tile When the aspect ratio was changed on the Image Tile, the Image Hover wouldn’t cover the tile completely. This has now been fixed.
News (Legacy) Tile In the News (Legacy) Tile, using the Click Target set to New Window would open two tabs instead of one. This has now been fixed.
Side Menu The side menu would occasionally overlap content of the page and interact with the overlapped content. This has now been fixed.
Nav Tiles Different browsers would delete and move buttons incorrectly. This has now been fixed to display icons in a more uniform way.
Group Manager When a user had an apostrophe in the login name, the input would fail. This has now been fixed.
People Directory Tile In Firefox, the search field for the People Directory Tile had to be clicked precisely in order to type in the search. This has now been fixed.
Meeting/Email panel Not setting an AM/PM for meetings caused the meeting to default to 12am-12am. This has now been fixed.
People Search List Page/ People Directory Changing search did not bounce the page back to the top of the People Search List. This has now been fixed.
Side menu The Slide option did not work. This has now been fixed.
Side menu On the Fixed Width canvas, there were instances when the side menu could overlay tiles on the end user view. This has now been fixed.
Video tile The Video Tile had no way to change the background color. This has now been fixed.
Intelligence A current user with no user properties in SharePoint wasn’t allowing analytics to be sent by a page. This has now been fixed.


Intelligence Role Sync failed if a user had neither an OID or an email. This has now been fixed.

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