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LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Passy 3

This week’s LiveTiles product release includes 15 bug fixes and some exciting news about our SmartShare functionality.

SmartShare is our vision for providing the ability for custom tiles, pages, sections and templates to exist in a central location and be shared with designers. Down the track this same platform will allow delivery of assets for LiveTiles Bots and potentially even LiveTiles Intelligence as well.

This release provides improved importing & exporting functionality for some of the more technical LiveTiles Design users. Details about using this feature can be found in the knowledge base article here.

Keep an eye out for more features to be rolled out around this in the coming releases that will truly allow expansion of the LiveTiles solutions in a much more robust and scalable fashion.

Settings Input Arrows In some browsers, clicking on an up or down arrow to increase or decrease values within settings was causing the value to infinitely increase while the mouse was held over the arrows. This has now been fixed.
Design canvas There was an issue where the row settings cog and row duplication icons were appearing on the design canvas when entering quick view. This has now been fixed.
Saved Sections The context menu on deleted Saved Sections wasn’t adhering to clicks, and instead focused on any tiles behind the context menu. This has now been fixed.
Email/Meetings Slide Panel Previously, clicking on the “Open Calendar” button in the Email or Meetings Tile would open the calendar in the same browser tab. This has been fixed to now open in a new tab.
Image Tile In IE10, any text in the Image Tile’s Hover wasn’t wrapping, and instead was being cut off at the end of the tile. This has now been fixed.
Content Tile A long string without spaces was not wrapping within the Content Tile container, and instead was overflowing the container. This has now been fixed.
Tool Tip Light Bulb In IE11, opening and closing the light bulb tool tips could cause an error and prevent the tool tip from appearing. This has now been fixed.
Meetings/Email Slide Panel Previously, clicking on “Get Directions” in the Meetings or Email Tile would open the link in the same tab. This has now been fixed.
Content Tile Indented lists were being flattened in the end user view in the Content Tile. This has now been fixed.
O365 Content Panel The closing animation when navigating around the Meetings or Email Tile side panel was not closing smoothly. This has now been fixed.
Schedule Meeting Form Scheduling a meeting in the Meetings or Email Tile had an issue where the date/time inputs were stacking on smaller screen sizes instead of being adjacent. This has now been fixed.
Graph tiles (email, meeting, groups) Graph Tiles such as Meetings, Email, Groups had the header color apply to the messaging when a user wasn’t signed in, instead of body font color. This has now been fixed.
Meeting Tile In the Meetings and Email Tile, clicking outside of a user’s profile photo wasn’t opening that user. This has now been fixed.
Cloud Documents Tile The text in the Clouds Document Tile was “Cloud Storage Tile.” This has now been fixed.
Design Gallery Template Previously, placing a Design Gallery Template from the New Page screen was showing the incorrect page version. This has now been fixed.

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