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We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

We are hiring! – Explore Careers at LiveTiles

LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Pissarro 13

Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed some quality time with friends and family. In our first announcement of 2018, this week’s Pissarro 13 product release includes 2 usability improvements, 13 bug fixes and the fifth episode of our new web series, LiveTiles Insider. Check it out!

LiveTiles Insider:

We’re excited to present LiveTiles Insider, an exclusive web series about the Intelligent Workplace.

In this week’s episode, LiveTiles’ Product Marketing Manager Chris Lukianenko offers a sneak peek of future product releases, and highlights the latest improvements to the People Search Tile.

Watch the fifth episode below:

2 Usability Improvements:

The People Search Tile has been expanded to allow for additional information to be displayed on the tile. When you click on a user displayed in this tile, you are now able to see the details from the user’s SharePoint or Delve user profile. From here, you are also able to email or Skype them, if this detail has been made available.

The Workplace by Facebook Tile has been expanded to allow support of images to be displayed in the feed. Additionally, when clicking on an item in the feed, more detailed info will be displayed for that particular item.

13 Bug Fixes:
Picture Gallery and RSS Feed Tiles The Picture Gallery and RSS Feed Tiles had inconsistencies when displaying similar value fields in their settings dialogs. This has now been fixed.
SoundCloud Tile When the top padding value was set for the SoundCloud tile, it would also be applied to the bottom padding. This has now been fixed.
Facebook Tile The Facebook Tile would not allow the max width of 500px as available through the Facebook API. This has now been fixed.
Add Web Part Tile A page within the design canvas would break when the Web Part Tile was added that referenced the Site Pages. This was a problem for SharePoint sites in modern view. This has now been fixed.
My List Tile The My List Tile had an issue where the ‘Assigned To’ field would not appear when the list was pointed to a Task List. This has now been fixed.
Card Slider The Card Slider didn’t have any default values in its settings for the tile font color, even though it would default to black. This has now been fixed.
RSS Tile The RSS Tile didn’t allow a user to specify the color that the ‘More’ hyperlink text should be. This has now been fixed.
RSS Feed The RSS Feed tile didn’t apply the font weight to the tile header. This has now been fixed.
News Ticker Tile The News Ticker Tile didn’t apply the underline font setting correctly. This has now been fixed.
Documents Tile The Documents Tile default was set to the SharePoint List Page and not the LiveTiles List Page. This has now been fixed.
Vertical Line There was no way to change horizontal thickness on responsive. This has now been fixed.
Responsive Canvas Within the Responsive Canvas, selecting the Designer Style to the Dark setting didn’t apply the darker theme to the canvas. This has now been fixed.
Wireframe Mode When using the Design Canvas in Wireframe mode, the tile at the bottom of the screen would still be usable. This has now been fixed.

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