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LiveTiles Product Release Notes: Vivaldi 1

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes includes the release of a new Calendar Tile, 3 usability improvements and 2 bug fixes.

New Calendar Tile

The new Calendar Tile is a large improvement from the old one. The tile has the ability to toggle between views for Month, Week, Day or Schedule, as well as the ability to filter out events based on event categories.

In addition, new events can be created and edited through the tile, along with the ability to create and edit recurring events and have them display in the tile. Events will appear for each view, with the month view hiding events if the Calendar is a small enough height to ensure no overlap. SharePoint calendars are currently the only supported calendar, with plans in the future to incorporate other Calendar sources outside of SharePoint.

3 Usability Improvements

  1. An improvement has been made around the notification of unsaved changes. When trying to navigate to a New Page, or the Go To Page buttons with unsaved changes, the notification will have the option to Save or Discard the changes, or to cancel the action of navigating away.
  2. The new Documents Tile now has a custom filter added to the Data tab in the Tile Settings. This will allow filtering based on columns and operators.
  3. We have improved imported packages and bundles. Now, imported content such as saved tiles, saved sections and saved templates can be deleted through the Management drop down on the LiveTiles Landing Page.

2 Bug Fixes

  1. Documents Tile – Some instances of complex data types were appearing as [object Object] in the Documents Tile, not displaying the appropriate data in the column. This has now been fixed.
  2. Documents Tile – Changing the setting “Office Documents Behavior” didn’t appear to change the behavior of how Office documents opened. This has now been fixed.

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