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LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Update: April 23, 2020

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer for Azure includes three large new features and 12 bug fixes.

One of these features is a new admin portal for global administrators of an organization to view sites, create new sites, request custom domains, modify site names, and add or remove global admins.

Another new feature is a second level global navigation header that will persist on each page. This can be configured to use custom URLs, or to use pages from within the Page Designer.

The last new feature is an addition to the Documents Tile’s Box Integration capability. When setting the data source to Box, content that has tags will display those tags on the tile, along with previewing the content in a lightbox preview when it is clicked.

User Actions: Those with restrictive firewalls will need to whitelist If you need to setup the Box Integration, please visit the following knowledge base article .


Admin Portal

When visiting the Admin Portal, a global administrator will be greeted with the sites they belong to in a list. New sites can be provisioned by either clicking on New Site in the top right, or the New button above the list of sites. From there, the region and name are able to be selected.

The Admin Portal when a global administrator views this portal.

If a row site name is clicked, it’ll bring up information about that site, such as the site name or the ability to request a custom domain. Requesting a custom domain will not be instant, and there is a process that will occur. Please view our knowledge base article on custom domains for more information: This help document can also be found by clicking Help in the top right.

Once the Admins header has been clicked, it will display information about which global administrators belong to the organization. From here, new global administrators can be added or existing ones can be removed.

Find out more information about the Admin Portal in our knowledge base:, or view it in the Help drop down in the top right of the Admin Portal.

Global Navigation

The Global Navigation feature is a second level navigation that persists through the Page Designer as a header. It allows for either custom URLs, Page Designer Pages, or both. To modify the Global Navigation, click on Manage Site and there is now a Global Navigation option.

Global Navigation is a new option available under Manage Site.

Within Global Navigation, there are some global navigation settings available, along with settings for the side menu. Global navigation settings allow for modification of the behavior of the menu, while side menu settings have toggles for showing or hiding the side menu for end users, or collapsing spaces by default.

Global Navigation general settings.

The Nav Structure header leads to the global navigation designer. Here, custom links, headers, or pages within spaces are able to be dragged into the Navigation Structure. Currently, there are only two tiers of navigation available. To nest items, place a Mega Menu Header down and then drag items onto the header to create a second level navigation. Custom links can be added, or pages from various spaces within the site can be included.

Items in the Nav Structure can be dragged onto the Navigation Structure area to build out the navigation.

Once the Navigation Structure has been created, clicking on Design will show a preview of how the navigation will appear. From here, settings like colors, margins, heights, text, toggles, and many more can be modified. Once the changes are complete, make sure to click Save.

The Preview of the navigation.

Documents Tile Box Integration Additions

A new addition has been added to the Documents Tile’s Box Integration. Items that have tags will now display the tags within the tile. Along with the tags, thumbnails will appear to show what the image looks like. When clicking on items, now a lightbox preview will appear that shows the image, displays tags, provides information about the upload, and shows metadata. Clicking on a tag will search the tile content by that tag. Metadata is also searchable within the tile.

Tags appearing on the Documents Tile when the Box Integration is set up.

When in the lighbox preview, there is the option to download or print, along with expandable tabs to display Activity, Details, which includes access stats and file properties, and Metadata.

Lightbox Preview with Metadata.

Bug Fixes

Page NamesResolved an issue where page names with double quotes could cause the site to become inoperable.
ExportImages that had spaces in the image name, along with images without extensions would cause errors when exporting. This has been resolved.
SectionsSaved Section edit links from the Section Settings in the Design Canvas would lead to a path that wasn’t working with Page Designer for Azure. This has been fixed to point to the correct URL to open the editor.
Box IntegrationIn IE11, the Documents Tile Box Integration would have a failed network request. This will now operate in IE11.
Search ResultsColumns in the Search Results table were being misaligned in some cases, and have now been aligned.
Search ResultsSearch field terms in the side menu search and from the search tile would sometimes mismatch, providing different results. This has been fixed.
Site Search TileFixed an issue where borders were displaying the incorrect pixel size around the tile.
SectionsWhen importing a section that already exists, a prompt occurs indicating the section exists and asks if you want to Use Existing, Update, or Create New Section. When clicking on Create New Section will create a new section, but the original and in some cases the new section would appear blank when editing. This has been resolved.
Custom BrandingUnsaved changes from configuring entry pages in the Custom Branding feature in one site would persist to another site in the same browser session since the changes were kept in local storage. This has been resolved so that unsaved changes won’t appear for other sites.
Yammer TileIf multiple Yammer Tiles existed on a page, only one loads per instance. This has been resolved.
Picture Gallery TileWhen using Box as a data source, the Limit Picture Count setting was off by a value of -2, causing a value of 1 or 2 to yield no pictures, while a value of 3 yielded one. This has been resolved.
Media Picker FoldersCreating a folder from the media picker would cause an error to occur and the new folder wouldn’t be created. This has been resolved.

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