LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Update: August 5, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer for Azure includes a new feature allowing the Documents Tile the ability to integrate with an Enterprise Box account, two improvements, and three bug fixes.

New Feature

Box Enterprise Integration with the Documents TileA new addition to the Documents Tile allows the use of integration to Enterprise Box accounts. To utilize the Enterprise Box account, refer to the following article:
To use the Box integration in the Documents Tile, go into the Documents Tile settings and navigate to the Data tab. From there, you can select the Data Service and set it to Box. There are some limitations around uploading when using the root starting folder, so configuring the tile to start on a folder will allow uploading to that folder.

Example of Documents Tile Data Service


Media Picker PagingPreviously, the Media Picker did not implement paging and infinite scroll, which caused sites with over 500 media items to not display the items past 500. Now, when scrolling to the bottom of the Media Picker, a Load More option will be present. Clicking on that option will return the scrolling to the top, but with the additional content now available.

Example of the Media Picker Paging
Documents Tile – Trim Folders on CreationImproved folder creation in the Documents Tile by adding a trim on folders when they are created. This removes any extra spaces that may be added to the end of the folder name, allowing an easier time when starting on specific folders.

Bug Fixes

Space PermissionsFixed a bug where adding users to space permissions right after they were added through Manage Account would receive a 500 error and the UI wouldn’t refresh, though the user was still added to the space.
Morphing TileResolved an issue where once the Morphing Tile was initiated in the End User View, the X to close out the Morphing Tile was appearing on the top left and cut off, instead of the top right.
News TileIf a News Tile is not pointing to a list in a space, it would make the tile appear as blank without giving any indication to what the issue is. A banner populates in the main body of the tile now indicating that a list wasn’t found.

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