LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Update: December 11, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer for Azure includes some improvements to our search capabilities, a new search tile, and an improvement to the group that is automatically created for Box App Users generated from the Box integration.

Search within Page Designer has been improved. Now when searching from the side menu, or from the brand new Site Search tile, spaces, pages, lists/news, and files/documents can be surfaced.

After this release, search will need to index, so it may take a minute or two before search appropriately works the first time a site is loaded. Subsequent site visits will not require the additional time for search to index. Search only finds the term, and not the content or special characters currently.

When searching, the top three results per category will appear, and clicking on the item will open that page in a new tab if performed by the side menu, and by default if performed in the tile.

Clicking on See All will instead open up a modal that contains all of the results, the ability to switch between different categories and the option to enter a new search term. Results for pages that are in draft will appear with a yellow icon and the word draft next to the name, and permissions will show whether the location of the content is private/public.

The Site Search Tile has the ability to include or exclude results from Files/Documents, Lists, Pages, and Spaces through toggles in the tile settings, specifically in the Search tab. Along with the Files/Documents section, there is the ability to toggle on or off searching files and documents within Box and within Azure via check boxes. By default, clicking on a result opens in a new window, but within the Search tab, each can be set to open In Place instead.

Help Articles can be found below:

Using Site Search:

Site Search Tile Configuration:

Box Integration Improvements

As part of the improvements to the Box Integration, the Box Enterprise App Permissions have be minimized to include only the absolutely necessary permissions.

The other improvement made is when an admin activates the Box integration, the new group that is created will now be at the “Company” visibility level. This enables sharing content from folders to the group rather than having to manually go to the group and modify the folder sharing.

Please note: If there is already a group in the Box account, it must be deleted first to see the change take effect. This can be done from the “Users & Groups” area of the Admin Console in Box.

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