LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Update: January 30, 2020

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer for Azure includes a multitude of features and bug fixes. Some of the more notable features this release includes a new picture gallery tile with carousel functionality, along with improvements to our media picker.


Picture Gallery Tile

The new Picture Gallery Tile is located in the Media category. In the Tile Settings, there is a tab for Layout, which can set the tile to display images as a carousel, in a grid, or in rows. Along with setting the layout, there are selections for showing various buttons on the carousel, showing multiple images per slide, setting the carousel to automatically advance, along with many more settings.

In the Data tab of the tile settings, content from the LiveTiles Cloud Media, LiveTiles Cloud Documents, and even content from Box can be selected as a data service. Content from Box will require the Box Enterprise ID to be set up under Manage Account. If this has already been completed, then Box will already be usable as a source.

When selecting a source, make sure to also select a folder to display. Part of the new Media Picker improvements adds the ability to create folders, which will be described next. Make sure to set up some folders with content to make full use of this new tile!

For more information, we will have documentation around this tile in our knowledge base later today. Search our knowledge base for the Picture Gallery Tile at

Media Picker Improvements

There are two new improvements to the Media Picker capability. One includes the ability to create folders and put content in those folders within the Media Picker, and the other increases the upload size beyond the original 100 mb upload limit.

When navigating the media picker, the plus button now has the option for Add Folder. This allows the entry of a folder name. Once added, the folder can be opened, and content can be uploaded to it.

The other Media Picker Improvement extends the original limitation of upload size. Previously, content above 100 mb couldn’t be uploaded. The upload size limit has been increased to 1 GB.

Performance Improvements

We have made improvements to the performance when opening and closing account settings, along with saved section loading. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to open the settings and when utilizing sections on a page. There are also some performance improvements with custom code and code snippets.

Knowledge Base URL Update

Recently, we’ve switched our knowledge base provider. We’ve updated the URLs pointing to various knowledge base articles to now point to the new provider.

5 Column Rows

One request we’ve had quite often is to include a layout for 5 columns in the Responsive Canvas. We have now added the 5 Column Row layout as a selection when configuring the layout of rows.

Aesthetic Changes to the Design Canvas

There is a new change to the Design Canvas aesthetic. When in the Design Canvas, the tile gallery is now lighter to provide better contrast between various tiles. Some of the sizes of the gallery content has also been slightly reduced to give more overall canvas real estate. Additionally, when hovering at the top of a row, between rows, or below rows on Responsive Canvas types, there is a quick add button for rows. Clicking that button will add a new row based on the Row layout previously selected.

CSS Editor in Page Settings

Along with the custom code options in the Page Settings for the Document Head and the end of the Document Body, there is a new Custom Styling editor in the Page Settings Custom Code tab. This new editor is for CSS or LESS, and doesn’t require tags. Style modifications in this editor will reflect not only in the end user view, but also in the design canvas.

Bug Fixes

News List TileFixed an issue where the list page modal was not scaling appropriately in Mobile devices.
News TileWhen using the News Tile on a space that doesn’t have a list associated with it, clicking on Manage Space from the Data tab would cause an error in the console while no action would occur. This has been resolved.
SectionsPreviously, News Tiles wouldn’t work in the Section editor. They now can use a lists from spaces in the section editor.
Enterprise EnvironmentsIn our B2B Enterprise environments, some occurrences of User Tiles and Templates weren’t loading in modal windows when using the Manage drop-down menu on the landing page. This has been resolved.
Background TileChanged the word “colour” to “color” in the tool tip.
List Page ViewWhen in the List Page view (clicking on an item in the News Tile, for instance), it was possible to make multiple clicks on submission of new items to create duplicates.
Back ButtonWhen placing new content on a page, saving that page, going to the end user view, and clicking back on a browser, it would return to the design canvas, but with the new content missing. This has been fixed.
Rectangle and Image TilesIf a Rectangle Tile or Image Tile was set to have no image present, it would cause the tile to make a request for the current page each time the tile loaded. This has been resolved.
Invite EmailWhen inviting a user that already exists, a more useful error message will now display.
Sign InWhen signing in to Page Designer for Azure, an appropriate error will now appear for users who have not signed up.

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