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LiveTiles Page Designer for Azure Update: March 4, 2020

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer for Azure includes new functionality for creating custom branding with Page Designer, a News Ticker Tile, and four bug fixes.


Custom Branding

Custom Branding introduces templates that can be modified to create on brand experiences throughout Page Designer. When clicking on Manage Site under the user profile, there is now a Customization selection.

Customization is an option under Manage Site

When clicking on Customization, a redesigned management modal will appear that contains content for Site, Space, Customization, and Integrations. Since customization was clicked, it will open the modal on Customization, focusing on a sub item named Branding.

Redesigned interface with Customization. Sub items include Branding and Entry Pages.

Branding is used to create the initial experience for users in entry pages. The Product Service Name will be displayed at various entry points when a user signs into your site. Each entry page can also be customized.

Entry Pages are used to modify what a user sees when coming into the site.

When modifying an entry page, there are options to alter the background image, the logo that appears, the primary color of links and buttons, and the hover color of those links and buttons. Once changes have been made, click the Update Preview button to see how the changes will look, and Publish to make those changes live.

Each entry page has options for adding background images, logos, button and link colors, and hover state colors.

News Ticker Tile

A News Ticker Tile has been added with this update. It can be found in the Feeds category of tiles. The News Ticker Tile displays content from a list in Page Designer.

By default, the tile is set to show content and to auto-play the content in the selected list. The number of items to retrieve can also be modified. The default action for clicking on a news item will open the LiveTiles List Page view, however this can be changed to also open the list item field, directly taking the user to a link placed in that list item.

An example of the News Ticker Tile sitting on a page.

Bug Fixes

SearchPrivate Spaces and Draft Pages would appear in search if they were using a saved section.
ExportResolved an issue where exports were being interrupted and throwing an error with an infinite spin.
Custom DomainsA change within Azure made it so we weren’t able to add new custom domains upon request. This has been resolved.
Ampersands Incorrectly DisplayingIf a page was named with an ampersand in it, there were occasions where it wasn’t displaying the ampersand appropriately. This has been resolved.

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