LiveTiles Product Update: June 4, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes include 2 usability improvements with the Calendar Tile, and 12 bug fixes. There are also some known issues for On Premises environments that we will be targeting for the next release, set to be in a couple weeks.

2 Usability Improvements

We’ve added a feature to the Calendar Tile, where it now has the option to start on specific filter event categories through the Tile settings.

We’ve also removed the “Advanced Repeat Settings” that appears in the Calendar Tile during the creation of a new event when “Do not repeat” is selected.

14 Bug Fixes

Internet Explorer Update After an Internet Explorer update, a lack of the use of Promise was causing pages to not load. This has now been fixed, but in order for the fix to apply, site admins will need to either rerun the installer, or simply visit an end user page, the designer canvas, or the landing page.
React scrollbar Use of the React scrollbar was duplicating scroll in some situations. This has now been fixed.
Group Manager An error would occur when removing an account from the Group Manager after it had been deleted. This has now been fixed.
Calendar Tile In the Calendar Tile month view, start times were truncated. This has now been fixed.
Calendar TileThe vertical alignment of dates was off in Internet Explorer 10. This has now been fixed.
Calendar TilePreviously, start times were truncated so that minutes aren’t shown for event times. This has been changed to display the time in hours and minutes.
My List and Schedule List TilesRegardless of the setting for the Item Link Click Target, clicking on an item would only open in a SharePoint view. This has been fixed.
Meetings and Email TilesValidation wasn’t picking up invalid year periods when setting up meetings. This has been fixed.
Meetings and Email TilesOpening the side panel would cause an error to occur on occasion that would prevent interaction with the slide. This has been fixed.
Facebook Workplace TileRemoving a group’s cover image caused the group to not load in the tile. This has been fixed.

Page Saving

Saving a page with a space in front of the file name keeps the reference in Page Designer, but strips it in SharePoint. This has been fixed to align with SharePoint.


Using the middle mouse button to initiate scrolling on a tile would cause the page to scroll as well. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

The following bugs are known issues related to On Premises environments that will be addressed in the next release.

Group ManagerNavigating to Manage Groups on the home page in LiveTiles will receive an error retrieving the users list.
Design GalleryOpening a template from the Design Gallery and saving that template will produce an error when visiting the page in the end user view.
Documents Tile, List TileFields that show users such as the “Modified” or “Created By” columns will show the user as object, object instead of a user name.
New Calendar TileCreating a new event with the calendar in IE will cause the page to freeze and close.

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