LiveTiles Product Update: Page Designer for Modern SharePoint – V5 Modern

We’re excited to announce the release of our Page Designer for Modern SharePoint, known as V5 Modern. This new version of page designer is a single part app page that sits on top of Modern SharePoint.

V5 Modern is a free to existing users offering that sits on top of Modern SharePoint. To download the new app file, click on the following:

That link will download the LiveTiles Page Designer.sppkg from our cdn, and allow you to upload it to your app catalog. For more details on installation, please follow the support article link at the bottom of this post.

With V5 Modern, you’ll get to use the familiar functionality of V5 Classic in Modern SharePoint. Some of the functionality that you may remember from V5 Classic includes the ability to save and create from templates, the ability to import and export, a Modern Web Part Tile, a custom CSS editor in the Page Settings, and much more. With import and export, you can even export from V4 or V5 Classic and import into V5 Modern.

Custom code isn’t supported in V5 Modern, and instances of custom code will be hidden, but we have a custom style editor in the page settings and we’ll provide indications on your page, templates, sections, or saved tiles if custom code was used and hidden. Since Microsoft utilizes SPFx components instead of custom code, we also have support for that as well through our Modern Web Part Tile.

The Modern Web Part Tile does require some configuration, but it allows embedding SPFx Web Parts and OOTB Modern Web Parts into the Design Canvas. To use this Tile, you’ll need the configuration of a web part, or with our page picker, you can configure a web part on a SharePoint page, and then select that web part to be used in the Page Designer page. For more information on how to use the Modern Web Part Tile in V5 Modern, check out the support article here.

For additional information on installation, deployment, and use, check out the support article on V5 Modern and be sure to reach out to your local LiveTiles representative. with any questions

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