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LiveTiles Page Designer for SharePoint Product Update: June 13, 2019

This week’s LiveTiles product release notes for Page Designer for SharePoint includes 1 usability improvement with the Add Web Part Tile, and 3 bug fixes for On Premises environments. There are also some back end changes that have been made for this release.

Usability Improvement

We’ve added a feature to the Add Web Part Tile to include an option for auto height in responsive canvas types. This will allow the tile to scale to the appropriate height of content within the tile.

3 Bug Fixes

Documents and List TilesIn On Premises environments, the Modified and Created by columns were appearing as Object, object. This has been fixed.
Design GalleryIn On Premises environments, if a page is created from the design gallery template, saved, and opened in the end user view, the page would run into errors and not load. This has been fixed.
New Calendar TileIn On Premises environments, adding new items to the Calendar Tile through the UI would cause the page to freeze in Internet Explorer. This has been fixed.

Known Issues

The following bug is a known issues related to On Premises environments that will be addressed in a future release.

Group ManagerNavigating to Manage Groups on the home page in LiveTiles will receive an error retrieving the users list. It no longer will lock the page anymore, however.

As a workaround, group management can still be performed through SharePoint until this issue is resolved.

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