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LiveTiles SharePoint Dieter 3 Product Release Notes

Dieter 3 Product Release Notes

Usability improvements

Make framed modal window screen aware We have introduced device screen awareness for our Framed Modal windows. Similar to the experience with Frameless windows, now, when you open a Framed Modal window on a device that is smaller than the size of the Modal window, it will adapt to fit the screen.
Unify dialog options In order to make the product look and feel much simpler, we have updated the dialog boxes to reflect a cleaner display.


We have also made the dialog boxes themselves responsive, allowing changes from your mobile devices on the fly, making the style easier to understand.

Overhaul Media picker We have improved the media picker to make it not only faster, but also more visually appealing while bringing in some needed functionality.


The new media picker allows you to be able to view your lists, folders and assets in a simple display view, while also allowing you to change the subsite from which you are working. In addition, you will be able to get more information about the item you are looking at by clicking the information button in the bottom left of the screen when an item is selected, as well as having the option to view items in a list or thumbnail display.

Bug fixes

Responsive canvas side menu – Side menu causing tile displacement (Edge, IE 10, IE 11) The Side menu now does not cause tile displacement on Edge and Internet explorer.


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