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LiveTiles SharePoint Dieter 4.0 Product Release Notes

This week is our final release in the Dieter cycle and we’re happy to announce that it’s all about inner beauty, and by that we mean a hefty load of bug fixes, as well as extending the image cropping ability.

Now, the image cropping feature can be used on all tiles that have an image tab, which is handy for those quick image edits you want to make whilst still in the given tile’s settings.

For details on all the crushed bugs, read on down.

Bug fixes

News tile – Body font doesn’t underline Underlining text now applies to the text body on News tiles
Morphing tile “X” – Large sized “X” The “X” now displays properly
Remove Modal and Slide from the Delve tile Due to changes in Delve, we have removed the Modal and Slide options from the Delve tile
Design/Mosaic Import/Export – Save As Location Default Contains “//” Page import/export now matches the correct URL
Responsive Canvas: Tile size can be set to 0 Tiles have a minimum height on the responsive canvas
Circle tile – Too much text causes circle to become an oval Circle tiles now scale properly with text
Internet Explorer – Wireframe mode icon is the same color as the background The Wireframe mode icon is now a different color than the background
Documents tile – File-specific icon padding is offset from default Padding has been fixed for file-specific icons on the document tile
Responsive Quick View – Tiles can be dragged in Quick View Tiles now remain fixed when viewed in the Responsive canvas Quick View
Remove app library reference on pages without Bing Map enabled Removed reference to Bing Maps’ library being loaded on pages that don’t contain Bing Maps

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