LiveTiles SharePoint Seurat 2 Product Release Notes

LiveTiles SharePoint Product Release Notes: Seurat 2

New features:

We always want to make the LiveTiles experience as powerful as possible. In order to bring you product support that is available to all of your designers, there’s now the option to add Intercom into the LiveTiles design canvas.

What does this mean for you?

To ensure that we can support you fully, when you are in the LiveTiles design canvas, there will be a chat icon located at the bottom of the page. When you open this, you can start a chat with a LiveTiles team member who will be able to help you with any questions or concerns.

With this feature, we can bring your release notes and other product information such as hotfixes directly.

Additionally, LiveTiles will be storing your browser type, username and email address, allowing us to make sure that the information we give you is relevant and directed to the right user. This enables us to track your issues and maintain contact across multiple tenants.

If, for some reason, you do not want product support, you will have the option to turn this off. This can be found under the manage tab in the LiveTiles Homepage.


Media Picker
  • The subsites tab starts in contracted instead of expanded view.
  • There’s now an option to open items in a new window.
  • We have added a non-white background to allow for images/icons which are white to be visible.
  • Instead of clicking on Media Picker items, you can now click on a detailed side panel.

Bug fixes:

Fixed Breakpoint Label
  • We have fixed the breakpoint label so that it reads the proper breakpoint of 1200px instead of 1600px.

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