LiveTiles Software Assurance Agreement

The LiveTiles Software Assurance Agreement (LSAA) defines the support services between Customer (software licensee) and LiveTiles in regards to purchased software. This agreement applies to technical support and support services provided by LiveTiles for its software products and documentation (collectively “Software”). “Customer” refers to the individual or entity that has ordered Technical Support and Maintenance for the Licensed Software from LiveTiles.

Mission Statement

Empower teams with tools to make visions a reality Our products equip teams with compelling user experiences to let the inspiration inside permeate outside, to make all that you work toward a meaningful journey—from retail, to education, to real estate, we’re here for you.

Who is Covered Under this Agreement?

Any Customer who has a LiveTiles licensed software product and is within their defined support period (see Software Support Period) or has purchased an extended maintenance service and remains in good standing. Software Support entitles the Customer to Standard Support (see Service Levels). All support contracts may be upgraded to Premium Support for an additional fee.

Software Support Period

The standard defined length of the LSAA is twelve (12) months (or length of LiveTiles contract if shorter) from the date of software purchase or maintenance renewal. For multi-year agreements, the Software Support period will be defined in the signed agreement between the Customer and LiveTiles.

Contacting Support

The LiveTiles software support team can be contacted through the Support group on the private Customer Yammer Network:

Service Level

Software assurance is defined as Customer support during normal business hours via the web portal (see Hours of Coverage and Response Time) and excludes LiveTiles recognized holidays (see Holiday Coverage) and weekend support. Issues can be submitted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Response time begins once a ticket is opened and is based upon published geographic business hours (see Hours of Coverage and Response Time). The maximum time to respond to Severity 1 is no greater than 2 business hours, while the maximum time to respond to all other severity levels is 8 business hours (see Table 1).

Hours of Coverage and Response Times

Hours of coverage is defined by Service Level and Customer location. For Customers with Standard Support coverage hours are 9am-5pm in the Americas, EMEA and APAC regions. Standard coverage hours are based upon the closest local LiveTiles support office to your location and Customer address on maintenance agreement between LiveTiles and Customer.

Table 1: Coverage and Response Times

Hours of Coverage Americas: 9 am–5pm EST weekdays APAC:        9 am–5pm AEST weekdays EMEA:      9 am–5pm AEST weekdays Exceptions: Defined holidays (See Holiday Coverage)
Severity 1 2 Business hours
Severity 2 8 Business hours
Severity 3 8 Business hours
Severity 4 8 Business hours
Support Access Email and voice

Table 2: Holiday Coverage

Defined holidays are for all Customers holding a Standard Support Agreement and are region dependent. The LiveTiles Regional Public Holiday Schedule is as follows:
   Date Global Australia North America, United Kingdom, China
1 January All VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD
26 January VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD
2 February Mexico
9 February TAS – Hobart only
18-24 February China
25 February TAS – Launceston only
9 March South Australia, ACT
17 March Mexico
3 April VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD US, Mexico, UK
4 April VIC, NSW, QLD US, Mexico, UK
6 April VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD
25 April VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD
1 May Mexico, China
25 May US
20 June China
4 July US
10 August QLD
12 August QLD – Brisbane only
7 September US
16 September Mexico
27 September China
1 October China
22 October TAS – Hobart only
3 November VIC – Melbourne only
20 November Mexico
Fourth Thursday in November US
Fourth Friday in November US
24 December
25 December All
26 December All
28 December VIC, NSW, TAS, QLD

Severity Levels

LiveTiles will use reasonable efforts to correct errors and provide resolution based upon the defined severity levels. LiveTiles, at its discretion, can change the severity level associated with a service request if the issue does not meet the defined criteria. LiveTiles may choose to close a service request if the problem being reported is not reproducible. All requests for technical support and maintenance assistance will include one of the following severity levels, which can be changed only by LiveTiles at its discretion. Response times are defined by Service Levels.

Severity 1 (Emergency)

The Software or a significant portion of the Software is inoperative and no workaround exists. Severity 1 is only assigned when a production or “live” environment is found to be significantly inoperable. A workaround or solution will be provided as soon as possible and the severity level will then be reduced to the appropriate severity level. Severity 1 is handled based upon response times defined in this LSAA. Examples:
  • LiveTiles not working will cause a negative impact on Customer share price.
  • LiveTiles not working will cause an immediate negative impact on Customer revenues.
  • LiveTiles not working will cause an immediate negative impact on Customer public relations.

Severity 2 (High)

The Software is usable, but is functionally degraded or restricted in a significant way and no workaround exists. Severity 2 is limited to situations where the normal operation of the system or a significant part of the system has been disrupted. LiveTiles will strive to provide a workaround or solution within 5 business days for Standard Support (see Table 2: Severity Levels and Response). Business days are defined as Monday through Friday. Examples:
  • Not possible to create new pages.
  • Not possible to save pages.
  • Not possible to access page settings.
  • Not possible to configure any tiles on a single page.

Severity 3 (Low)

The Software is usable but one or more functions may not operate as expected. This is a non-critical situation or one for which an acceptable workaround has already been provided. LiveTiles will strive to provide a work around or solution within 10 business days for standard Support (see Table 3: Severity Levels and Response). Business days are defined as Monday through Friday. Examples:
  • Not possible to configure a single tile on a page.
  • Tile Search is not working.
  • Not possible to perform a certain function after saving a page.

Severity 4 (Product Enhancement, Feature Request or Annoyance)

The software is fully usable but an enhancement or feature request is being made after analysis of the Customer problem. LiveTiles will log the request for future consideration. There is no defined time for a workaround or solution.

Table 3: Severity Level Response by Service Level

Severity Level

Service Level

Resolution Target

Response Commitment

Severity 1 Strive to provide work around or fix as soon as possible: worked during normal business hours (Monday – Friday) excluding holidays Updates will be provided every two (2) hours during defined business hours excluding holidays.
Severity 2 Strive to provide work around or fix within 5 business days: worked during normal business hours (Monday – Friday) excluding holidays Updates will be provided every four (4) hours during defined business hours excluding holidays.
Severity 3 Strive to provide work around or fix within 10 business days: worked during normal business hours (Monday – Friday) excluding holidays Updates will be provided once per day during defined business hours excluding holidays.
Severity 4 Future release consideration Future release consideration


Escalations occur within the support team when lack of progress is being made and a defined timeline has been reached. If within 4 hours no progress is being made or no solution is visible, the Level 1 support representative will escalate the issue to the Senior or Lead Support Representative. The maximum amount of time prior to escalation is 6 business hours. The Level 2 (Senior) or Lead Support Representative will then review the problem. The Level 2 Support or Lead Support Representative can work on the problem towards resolution for an additional two hours or immediately escalate to Level 3 Software Engineering.  If the Level 2 or the Lead Support Representative is making progress, he/she may continue to work prior to further escalation.

Severity 1 and Severity 2 – Issue Resolution

LiveTiles will work to provide “work arounds” for Severity 1 and Severity 2 issues. A work around is defined as a different approach that accomplishes the like end task or goal. In the event a work around cannot be provided the following will occur: Severity 1 Issues –  LiveTiles development will work to provide a “hot fix”.  Time to solution is dependent on the issue being encountered, but will be treated with urgency. Severity 2 Issues –  Resolution will be implemented into normal product minor and/or major release cycles. NB: Any hot fix provided by the development team will be included with the product during the next release cycles as appropriate.

Non-Response from Customer for Open Cases

LiveTiles will close any open case after three (3) days of non-customer response. Non-customer response occurs when LiveTiles has attempted to contact the customer with no response for three consecutive days. Customers can contact LiveTiles with their existing case number and LiveTiles will reopen or create a new case depending on the time that the case has been closed.

Software Updates and Upgrades

Patches, bug fixes, enhancements and software updates to new versions will be made available to Customers who are in good standing with maintenance services and are using the supported versions of the software. Fixes, updates and upgrades are provided without additional charge and are considered part of the Software End User License Agreement (EULA). Labor to provide the software installations or upgrades is not covered by the Software Updates and Upgrades section of this LSAA and is considered a professional service. For further information contact your sales representative.

Software Version Support

LiveTiles will support the last two released versions of a software product. LiveTiles may support older versions of software products when possible as a professional service. Contact your sales representative for further information.

Customer Responsibilities

If Customer experiences a failure, it is the Customer’s responsibility to notify LiveTiles Support. In order to successfully troubleshoot and resolve the Customer issue(s), LiveTiles Support may request the following:
  1. Software version.
  2. Server, environment and architecture information.
  3. Logs from server.
  4. Screen clips of the error.
  5. Access to perform a remote session.
NB: It is important to comply with the LiveTiles specified operating and troubleshooting procedures to minimize down time.

Data Security

It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure and maintain the security of its confidential information. LiveTiles assumes no responsibility for information security or protection within the Customer’s environment.


Customer will establish and maintain backup systems and procedures using industry standards to reconstruct lost or altered files, data or programs. Full and incremental backups are the full responsibility of the Customer for their environment.

Recovery of Data

It is not the responsibility of LiveTiles to recover data that cannot be restored due to system or backup failure. If LiveTiles is requested to recover data, it will be considered a professional service and will be delivered via our partner network. LiveTiles will quote the Customer the cost of the defined service for acceptance prior to beginning the recovery process.

Recovery of Databases

LiveTiles is not responsible for any database (SQL, ORACLE, etc.) recovery or repair. The database is the sole responsibility of the managing organization. LiveTiles, at our discretion, may assist in the database recovery as a professional service via our partner network. LiveTiles will quote the Customer the cost of the defined service for acceptance prior to beginning the recovery process.

Installation, Upgrades and Configuration of Software Products on Servers

LiveTiles may include initial assistance with installation and configuration. In these cases, the LiveTiles support representatives will assist the Customer via phone, collaborative tools and email to install and configure the defined product on the server of the Customer’s choice if it meets the LiveTiles installation requirements. For software upgrades, software reconfiguration, onsite installations and software server moves or migrations including operating system assistance, contact your sales representative for additional LiveTiles services available through our partner network.

LSAA Update Table

Table 4: Updates to the LSAA
Date Section Change
26 January 2015 All Document creation
15 April 2015 All Updates for consistency of terminology
16 April 2015 All Updates for consistency with End User License Agreement (EULA)
26 October 2018 Table 2: Holiday Coverage Addition of 26th of December globally to Holiday Schedule and changed dates of Thanksgiving holidays in the US.