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Over the past few years, the Do-It-Yourself mantra has become an entire subculture. Crafting, gardening, farming cage-free eggs, even pickling their own vegetables—the DIY craze has reached new heights with a generation of back-to-basics enthusiasts all looking for a simpler state of mind. As the world becomes increasingly outsourced, automated, and tangled beyond repair, there’s an innately human satisfaction in all of us that can really shine when we’re finally able to make things ourselves again. While you might think that this could be at odds with the necessities of the modern digital workflow, the truth is surprisingly different. With all the power of the digital workplace right at our fingertips, we’re able to build powerful, custom work spaces all by ourselves. With LiveTiles and the digital workplace, DIY takes on a new meaning, helping you create your own digital experience with all the satisfaction of doing it yourself.

Building the DIY workplace yourself starts with a strong foundation. With a democratized digital workplace, companies have a great central starting point that gives all employees the same advantages at the outset. This bolsters the gritty DIY ethos of the whole operation, now allowing individual users to design their own intranet systems themselves, tweaking appearances, functionality, and structure all on their own from the ground up. Now any DIY aficionado could show their stuff in the digital workplace—not with scissors and duct tape, but instead with a mouse and keyboard, the brawny tools that make the digital DIY workplace possible. And since LiveTiles offers easy-to-use drag and drop features, the digital workspace is now more relevant to everyone’s experience and can be tailored to adjust everyone’s needs with only a few adjustments.

Should you want to tread into the world of code, LiveTiles comes with HTML and Javascript options, which can be another easy way to bring DIY to your digital workplace. Tools like LiveTiles’ Code Snippet Tile enhance the freedom and customization of the digital workplace, allowing you to isolate essential bits of code from the larger layout to focus exactly on what you want to change in your DIY design. The Code Snippet Tile also means that the DIY process doesn’t have to be isolated—it helps further collaborative communication between colleagues with the simple option to automatically push code changes to other pages that add to your tile. Coding has always added a level of versatility to web design, and now its impact on the digital workplace can be even greater with help from Javascript and its ease-of-use.

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Of course, building the digital workplace yourself isn’t a skill limited to expert developers. Recent trends in citizen development have allowed companies to lower the barrier of entry and finally put power back into the hands of their employees, now giving them more tools than ever to build their own DIY workplace. LiveTiles allows users to craft their own intranet pages from the ground up, complete with all the features that suit their particular position. The sheer uniqueness and satisfaction that makes DIY craftsmanship so exciting is now a part of the web experience since now, coworkers really don’t even need to make their online workspace the same as everybody else’s. There are no restrictions, so each person’s digital workspace can now be tailored specifically to their unique vision. And with easy third-party integration, LiveTiles can now be expanded to fit whatever needs you may have elsewhere in the digital workplace, with help from the innovative Code Snippet tile.


LiveTiles puts intranet design in your hands, helping you build systems that cater to your needs 

DIY is now not only the force behind crafting and building physical goods, but also one for creative change in the digital workplace. No longer do we have to pay others to make intranet pages that work best for us; the digital workplace can be immensely rewarding for those of us who take the time to learn design principles themselves. With so much work already done online, the digital workplace is truly the future. And now that mobile phones are increasingly dominating the workplace, you need a digital space like LiveTiles designed with mobile in mind. LiveTiles gives you all the DIY tools you need and is intuitive enough for all coworkers to get going with its speedy learning process. What DIY strategies would you use to shape the digital workplace yourself? Feel free to share your own advice in the comments.

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