LiveTilesX Video Recordings

LiveTiles President Dan Diefendorf welcomes participants and sets the scene for what to expect during the conference.

Hear first-hand from LiveTiles Co-Founders, CEO Karl Redenbach and CXO Peter Nguyen-Brown on where the company is heading and how we are extending our services to better support our customers..

Chief Product Officer Simon Tyrrell explains his vision for our product suite and how we are going to achieve it.

Vice President of People and Experience, Vanessa Fergusson shares some exciting news about a new product we call LiveTiles Vibe. This product will assist businesses to check in with their staff, now that many of them are working remotely, but it also has many other applications.

Director of Technology, David Salter, and VP of USA Sales, Erin Stearns showcase some of the solutions that have been implemented with our customers.

Customer Solutions Specialists, Tim Swaag and Garry Sinclair take you on a deep dive into our entire product suite. If you ever wanted to know how our products integrate to provide you with a complete intelligent workplace, you need to watch this demo.

President, Dan Diefendorf, wraps the conference up and welcomes everyone to continue on the journey with LiveTilesX.