Make a SharePoint custom tile in our UX designer

At LiveTiles, our developers have been working to bring you the latest digital trends and cloud-based applications in an easy to use drag and drop UI. SharePoint has never been this simple. Want social media integration? Try Twitter and Facebook Tiles. For data and analytics, use the new Power BI Tile. It integrates Microsoft’s business analytics software for charts and graphs to support your decision making. OneDrive and Delve are great for storing files, and our People Search Tile makes finding colleagues effortless. It can be easy to lose track of documents and permissions as they drift their way through different offices. But not if you have our Nintex Workflow Tile to keep workflow and data management running in a timely manner and on budget. We’ve created these and many other preconfigured tiles to make digital design and managing SharePoint simple. Sometimes you may want to integrate a program that doesn’t have a dedicated tile. Our developers thought of that as well, and they decided to make it possible to create a SharePoint custom tile in our UX designer canvas. Did you know that you can custom create your own tile in seconds? Easily pull up a YouTube video, scan an Instagram account, or do whatever else you need for your intranet. We’ll show you how.

The Code Snippet Tile simplifies UI

There are two different ways to create custom tiles. First, try our Code Snippet Tile. It works by allowing the UX designer to enter code directly into the tile settings. The page will then load in the tile and go live when the page is saved. The UX designer chooses who can see the tile under the “Advanced” tab. Sandbox mode keeps unsafe expressions from activating, even from trusted sites. Sandbox mode can be checked on or off in the “Tile” tab.

Make a SharePoint custom tile in our UX designer

You can easily incorporate custom code into a page using CSS, JavaScript and HTML. The Code Snippet Tile is ideal for YouTube videos or SoundCloud playlists. Or, just pull up your intranet newsfeed like the above example to keep everyone updated. If Code Snippet Tile isn’t the solution you need, we also have a Custom Tile.

Custom Tiles that give UX designers ultimate flexibility

Make a SharePoint custom tile in our UX designer

LiveTiles QA Analyst Joel Rieck has good news for those who want to take advantage of all that the Custom Tile has to offer:

“It’s the same as the Code Snippet Tile, just a bit more in depth as far as the coding of it. Instead of the normal code snippet dialog, you are able to create new variables, along with the code actually being separated by code type (CSS, HTML, Javascript).”

Below, you can see the actual tile code, which can be adjusted, added or deleted depending on UX designer preferences.

Make a SharePoint custom tile in our UX designer

Rules on the Custom Tile can be set for specific users. Options are to allow all designers to edit code and configuration options, and to run the code in sandbox mode. What sort of content is holding your intranet back? With these two digital tools, you can integrate anything you need.

Manage SharePoint like never before

Why did we bring you these flexible tiles? Because there is so much information to handle in the typical work setting, and such a dizzying array of tasks to complete, some things just aren’t getting done in many offices today. Each organization is different, and we didn’t want any person or industry to go without our one-of-a-kind UX designer’s full capabilities. When people are overwhelmed, collaboration and teamwork freezes up, while SharePoint’s many capabilities are underutilized. According to the Absolute SharePoint Blog, this is a big problem for most organizations:

“Information Overload is a growing problem both in the workplace, and in life in general. Information Overload is when you are trying to deal with more information than you are able to process to make sensible decisions. The result is that you either delay making decisions, or you make the wrong decisions. And let’s be honest, we all feel a kind of information overload because of all of the sources of information we have today.”

We were happy to see that the Harvard Business Review suggested “a company intranet” as a solution, since we specialize in bringing our subscribers social intranets that change the way business is done. They work by connecting colleagues across time zones and making file sharing simple, among other things. A good social intranet can dramatically cut down on the number of emails your office receives, which would help many people since a survey revealed that “26% of people want to delete all their e-mail and start over.” At its core, creating a SharePoint custom tile is all about managing your content and communications so that you can access, change and share your data in a way that makes sense in a fast-paced environment. LiveTiles can help you and your teams manage your information efficiently so information overload doesn’t stop you. Making a SharePoint custom tile also organizes your content and has the ability to place multiple programs front and center all at once, so you can systematically view and manage the work that’s coming your way. And with LiveTiles, everyone is a UX designer. From the IT specialist to the regular business user, everyone’s favorite SharePoint and cloud-based applications are easy to access. There’s no code and no hassle. Let us help you fight information overload and make your own customized social intranet that everyone will appreciate.

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