Managing Millennials in the Workplace for Fun and Profit

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Hiring new employees today is all about reaching into the pool of college students or recent grads: Millennials! They’re everywhere, they’re doing everything and pretty soon, they’re going to take over the world (maybe). When hiring all these Millennials, it’s important to create policies and implement activities that will keep them engaged and productive. It’s important because, as one workforce study has shown, 53% of managers are having a hard time finding and keeping Millennial workers in the workplace. Given that such a big portion of new and incoming workers are Millennials (36% in 2014 and 46% by 2020) it could be potentially disastrous to lose them. Imagine losing more than a third of your workforce! Managing Millennials in your workplace must become a part of your direction for your business, or it will unfortunately fail, plain and simple. Luckily, you’re reading this article, and it’s full of tips and tricks to make your workplace more engaging for the Millennial generation.

Make sure your workplace technologies are up to snuff

Millennials love technology. They love it so much that according to this study, 59% of Millennials highly factor in employer technologies when considering that job. They love to have fun with their tech, with fun apps on their cellphones (Snapchat anyone? Pokémon GO? It’s sweeping the world!) but they also want it to serve a purpose in the workplace. One of the easiest and most effective ways to manage Millennials’ ability to enjoy their tech is using software, apps or social media services that allows them to collaborate with their coworkers.


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Keep things fun and entertaining

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, a huge part of managing Millennials is keeping things fun. Millennials love to have fun (just like everyone else does, but we’re talking about Millennials right now)! Now, everyone knows your standard “getting to know you” games; the first day icebreakers that everyone does and, deep down, thinks are really, really awkward. Those games are old hat, they’re boring and today it’s time to innovate. Capitalize on today’s latest trends; hold a Pokémon GO catching contest (whoever catches the most Pokémon wins), create fun Snapchat “geofilters” (a picture filter that shows your location), maybe even throw it back and create a live-action office rendition of Angry Birds!

Using LiveTiles

LiveTiles is always here to help you in your quest to effectively manage the Millennials in your workforce. You can use it in conjunction with your office intranet to set up some of those collaborative apps and social media (Yammer, Skype, Outlook) and bring your Millennials closer together with their peers. Another excellent way to use LiveTiles for Millennial engagement is to use it as a central news hub. Keep a funny GIF posted daily, post inspirational quotes, you can even keep a tally of any and all workplace contests you’re running, just to let everyone know where they stand.

There you have it folks; managing Millennials in your place of business is crucial today. Keep them entertained, keep them busy and keep them focused; eventually they’ll be all yours. You’ll have more employees than you know what to do with!

Manage Millennials In Your Digital Workplace


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