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Massimo 3.0 Product Release Notes, Aug 17th

No detail is too small with this week’s product release, it was quite the undercover workout. We took a magnifying glass to every tile, options and its display to ensure each was functioning properly. With 14 bug fixes, we’re happy to say we’ve patched the cracks in your LiveTiles Design user experience.

We also have four improvements, including the new added display abilities of the Text and News tiles, as well as being able to adjust the autoplay speed of the Picture Gallery and RSS feed. Now your eyes can feast and stare at photos for a longer amount of time—no judgement.

Usability Improvements:

Text tile display options You can now justify the text in the multi-line text tool left, right, centre or block, as well as have the style abilities of underline and strikethrough.
Allow page bar colors to be modified in the News tile To bring you more options, we have implemented the News tile ability to change the colours of the page bar. This option can be found under page indexes and allows you to change the page bars to active, non-active and text colours.


Picture Gallery and RSS allow you to change the autoplay delay You are now able to change the autoplay speed on both the picture gallery and RSS feed in order to choose how long each item is displayed for.
Update/New Search tile to work with new SharePoint search results In order to align with SharePoint’s new Homepage Search results, we have added in the choice to allow you to utilise this option when setting up a Search Bar tile.


Bug Fixes:

Navigation when using the quick launch option does not show hidden items The side menu now doesn’t show hidden items if they have been configured that way in the SharePoint navigation setting, under the site settings.
Quick View – Tile Interactivity (IE 9, IE 10) You are now unable to interact with tiles while using quick view mode in Internet Explorer 9 and 10.
Document Tile – PDF (X) to Close Document Missing (IE 9, IE 11) You can now close PDF documents when viewing them in slide panels in Internet Explorer 9 and 11.
Document Tile – Slider (X) Placement (All Browsers) In order to improve usability for the slide setting, the X has been placed in a standard position for all browsers.
Responsive page – side menu is not full height of page On the responsive canvas, the side menu now extends to the entire height of the page.
List View selector shows extra empty options occasionally The list view selector now doesn’t show extra options that are unavailable.
Favorited tile – broken tiles break canvas If a tile is missing some of its JSON, the tile will not break the canvas when it is dragged onto the canvas.
Broken tiles on Pages – broken tiles break the whole page If for some reason an individual tile is broken, instead of breaking the entire page, the tile instead will not be loaded, allowing the page to still function.
Title stripe – cannot change font size You can now change the font size used for the title stripe.
OneDrive text – text does not change You can now change the text of the OneDrive tile without it reverting back to the default text.
Title stripe – unify Documents, My List and Schedule List The My List and Schedule List stripe have been updated to match the Documents Tile Stripe.
Newest to Oldest on order sequence cuts off first item when amount is limited When ordering the News tiles from Newest to Oldest, the first item is now displayed.
My Team Group – anything outside of LiveTiles does not load Groups now load properly for the My Team tile.
Cloud Documents – New Folder – naming a folder that already exists, then closing the error message causes a page load loop When creating a folder name that already exists, once you close the error message dialog box and cancel the action, the tile now closes instead of looping a loading screen.

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