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Massimo 4.0 Product Release Notes, Aug 31st

It’s all about function with this week’s lean and mean product release. We’ve added the option to have text as a mouse hover over on the Image tile, as well as having the ability to set Nav Bar links to open in a new window or in place. Lastly, we’d like to introduce the News Ticker tile, which displays announcements in a very news ticker style. For more details, see the table below.

New feature

News Ticker Tile In order to bring more ways of displaying news on your LiveTiles page, we have created the News Ticker tile. This tile allows you to show “announcements” on your LiveTiles page similar to that of a news ticker.

In order to differentiate between critical and non-critical announcements, this tile displays a red background for items which are marked as critical, while non-critical items will be marked with a different color. In addition, you can choose whether to show critical, pinned, critical and pinned, or all items in a list, as well as the option to order by created, modified or a custom date field.


Nav Bar tile has an option to open links in a new window You can now open the Nav Bar menu links in a new window, in addition to the option of loading it in place.
Mouse hover over has text option for Image tile In order to improve the Image tile, we have added the choice to add in text on the mouse hover. This gives you more choices when designing a page, allowing you to utilize images in a style similar to the Rectangle tile’s hover.

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