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Massimo Product Release Notes August 4, 2016

It’s quality over quantity with this week’s product release, which includes 2 heavy hitters that will blow you away. The first is the Cloud Documents tile which integrates multiple cloud providers. The second is the SoundCloud tile, which allows you to bring some sass and sound to your pages. For all the exciting details, continue reading below and refer to the table of features and improvements.

New Feature: Cloud Services API Integration Management

LiveTiles is proud to introduce Cloud Services API integration management into Design!

This feature, accessible from the management tab under “Manage Integrations”, will allow you to register integrations with other cloud services in order to allow the use of these features with our ever expanding set of cloud service tiles.

Imagine our world with your SharePoint, Yammer, Office 365 and external cloud service content, all in one place and context!

In this first release, we are supporting the following cloud document service providers:
Google Drive

The purpose of this integration layer is for shared or team integrations (i.e. users accessing through one account).

The process of setting up an integration is very simple:

– Select which service you want to integrate with

– Click Add integration (existing integrations will appear in the list at the bottom and can be edited)

– Give the integration a description/name

– It is possible to secure the integration to a defined group(s) of users (e.g. Finance can’t see the Marketing team’s Dropbox integration). To do so, click “Only allow specified groups to use this integration” and add SharePoint groups. Only members of these groups will see the integration as a configuration option for the Cloud Documents tile.

Clicking continue will redirect you to the cloud service authentication page. You will need to allow the API authentication request.

You are then redirected back to the LiveTiles Design homepage and your integration is good to go (see the Cloud Documents tile below to view how to use your integrations).

Note: Make sure you are either logged into the service with the desired integration account or not logged in at all. If you are not logged in you will be prompted to do so. Ensure that you use the credentials of the account you wish to use for the shared integration.

This is just the start of our Cloud Services integration strategy. In future releases, we will be adding in more cloud providers which users will be able to integrate with, allowing you to take advantage of these providers without leaving the LiveTiles user experience. In addition, we are looking to extend the integration model to support individual user authentication in the most seamless way possible.

For more information on integration, you can refer to our Knowledge Base, Manage Integrations.

New Features:

SoundCloud TileDigital workplaces around the world are going to be much more lively thanks to the SoundCloud tile.

This tile supports embedding tracks, users, albums, playlists, or groups onto your page, allowing you to take advantage of the millions of music tracks and podcasts available on SoundCloud.

To embed a SoundCloud item onto your page, you will need to go to the item you wish to embed (we have provided a simple link straight to the SoundCloud search page from the tile’s configuration panel). Find what you wish to embed, click on Share and copy/paste that URL into the tile.

We provide two player options: Small and Large. Small supports changing the Play button and wavelength colour. Large simply shows you the full sized logo/icon. You can set the tile it to Autoplay on page load and whether you want to display the track comments or not.

Cloud Documents TileIn order to provide you with more choice in integrating multiple storage solutions, we have leveraged our API Integration Management feature to support seamless integration with popular document sharing services.

This tile will allow you to display files from the following file storage solutions:
·       Dropbox
·       Box
·       Google Drive
·       Onedrive

Teams will be able to use this tile to log into their cloud storage accounts and be able to access their documents as well as upload and manage their documents without leaving the LiveTiles Design canvas.


Deselect all four visibility checkboxes in the responsive canvasYou are now unable to deselect all four visibility checkboxes on the responsive canvas on tile and rows.

This will prevent users from accidentally hiding their tiles and rows on all devices unintentionally.

Slider: Display images in height/width 100%We have improved the slide out panel to show image content at 100% of the panel’s width. This change will allow you to have image content map to the size of the sliders.

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