Medical University finds the cure for an unwieldy SharePoint portal with LiveTiles

One of the oldest osteopathic and largest medical schools in the United States suffered from chronic headaches caused by an outdated SharePoint portal that was difficult to manage and even harder for faculty staff and students to find information on. With mounting dissatisfaction and complaints from the 1,600 staff members and students that use the portal every day they set out to find a solution to modernize and streamline their SharePoint portal.

Finding a solution to improve the SharePoint experience

“We got a lot of complaints about our portal. It was dated looking and difficult to find things. Our users wanted something that looked like a real website,” said the University’s CIO. “We needed a way to speed up the process and develop an engaging experience.”

Desperate to find a solution to help them quickly build a more engaging experience over SharePoint, the University found LiveTiles with a simple Google search. They deployed LiveTiles over their existing SharePoint environment to create a custom branded digital portal that brings resources, applications and news items together on a single screen.

Building a customized, easy to manage portal with LiveTiles

With LiveTiles, the University was able to create an engaging new portal for faculty staff and students that is flexible and easy to manage.

“We’ve developed a really beautiful site that is specific to our University,” said the CIO. “With LiveTiles you can create a user experience that’s elevated and much easier for the end-user to navigate and to work with.”

“We now have a better user experience, a better search function, and users are so much happier when they go to the portal in the morning. They’re no longer frustrated,” said the CIO. “It’s much more of an integrated experience. It feels like a seamless flow even though there are multiple applications. It saves everybody a lot of time.”

Maximizing tight IT resources by empowering content owners

With a simplified SharePoint experience and a user-friendly canvas, LiveTiles allows the University to maximize its limited IT resources.

“We’re a relatively small shop. In a university environment, resources are tight,” said the CIO.

“We wanted to save time on IT department and allow people to have more control. LiveTiles really offered all those things, and it was so much quicker to design and maintain our site. My team can now focus on the technology and not so much the content.”

“Not seeing my technical staff editing text – that’s my dream come true!”

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