Take your intranet from meh to marvellous with these Microsoft 365 intranet tips

LiveTiles and Microsoft 365 expert Richard Harbridge came together to share Microsoft 365 Intranet tips to help organizations take their intranet to a world-class level.

“We all want our intranets to be better, better than average,” Richard said.

“World-class, without a lot of money and ibuprofen!”

Lots of organizations have accelerated their digital transformation to cloud enabled and powered Microsoft 365 digital workplaces.

While technologies like Microsoft Teams have been prioritized, especially during the challenging last few months, for many organizations their intranets haven’t evolved to keep up with a more demanding workforce.

A world-class intranet looks very different these days. There are new capabilities, innovation from Microsoft, and increased expectations from an increasingly digitally literate user population.

Richard said truly excellent intranets are three things:

  1. Productive
  2. Simplified
  3. Responsible

“The number one purpose of an intranet is to help users navigate to the places and spaces and things that they need.”

Richard said the lack of a great intranet means a “very important navigation aid” is missing for organizations, meaning staff have to context switch too much.

Livetiles Everywhere is a really great example of a left rail global nav.

“The reason it makes a lot of sense is that then we don’t lose any of that hub nav, and we don’t have three layers of top navigation.

“Because it slides out, you also have extra real estate. There’s more ways you can make this look, feel, and be the size you want,” Richard explained.

“It’s a good example of why using a third party like LiveTiles can make a big difference in your own organization.”

Listen in and get Richard’s expert opinion on intranet best practice, including:

  • How organizations today are taking their intranets to the next level
  • How designs and intranet patterns continue to evolve
  • What organizations are doing to deliver more value

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