How Microsoft’s New Booking Service Will Smooth Your Scheduling

The latest Office 365 service, Microsoft Bookings has a ton to offer. It allows customers to easily schedule appointments from your businesses’ website on their own at any time. This way, even when your team isn’t on their phones or computers, your digital workplace is able to keep things rolling, practically automatically. Using the scheduling data your company already keeps in its Outlook calendars, Microsoft Bookings is able to figure out the best days and times for customers to make their appointments. Let’s take a look about how this can help your digital workplace.

Here’s how Microsoft Bookings works: First, customers set up an appointment on your site, not even having to download a specific app to use the function– it’s all doable right from their browser window.  Then, after allowing your customer to pick out a date that works for both parties, Microsoft Bookings sends them an e-mail confirmation immediately after they book. From there, Microsoft Bookings allows customers to add the appointment directly to their personal calendar by clicking a simple URL within the application. This adds some flexibility to the company side of the appointment-making process as well, since the company can also set rules for cancellation policies, like designating the window of time that your customer has to cancel the appointment.

One of Microsoft Bookings’ more innovative features is its mobile compatibility. Microsoft will soon be releasing a companion app specifically tied to Microsoft Bookings that will allow users to manage all appointments from their phone, taking this convenience and productivity now on the go. If you’re alerted of a business meeting or lunch plan that you weren’t aware of, you can immediately use Microsoft Bookings to put it in your calendar and find a way to reschedule other appointments around it. Calendar is already a core tenet of Outlook, and the fact that it can now be adapted for any change in plans means it’s even easier to balance your work life. Below, Microsoft Bookings makes mobile panning easier than ever before.


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The innovative technology driving this new application comes from Microsoft’s acquisition of Acompli and Sunrise Atelier in 2014. Acompli is known for its skill with productivity enhancement, still seen in the way Microsoft Bookings analyzes data and accommodate for your plans. On the other hand, Sunrise—a calendar that Microsoft acquired earlier this year—pulls your data from other apps, automatically adding events to your schedule. While the tech isn’t necessarily original to Microsoft, the UI of Microsoft Bookings was deliberately crafted to fall in line with Office 365’s sleek and comfortable layout, a natural extension to Office 365’s wide-reaching capabilities. Below, notice how LiveTiles cleanly situates its calendar reminders, ones similar to Microsoft Bookings, within the larger intranet system.


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In the constantly shifting world of the digital workplace, keeping your worklife in check can be a difficult task. Luckily, Microsoft Bookings is there for you. The app also provides an ideal addition to LiveTiles’ repertoire of functions, helping strengthen business-customer relationships through interface online. While only available to Office 365 users enrolled in the First Release program, Microsoft Bookings will soon be publically available worldwide from Microsoft. With one less thing to worry about, the people in your digital workplace can soon spend their time and energy on bigger, better, and more productive things. Questions about how do you get started in the digital workplace? Leave a comment below and we’re happy to help walk you through this exciting new process.

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